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Ateliers d'Embellie Porteur Custom         Featured Bike! on 02/25/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 54cm | classic | commuter | Custom | more tags >>
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Haral track Reynolds 531, 54cm, handmade leather sleeving

Noname polished, orange cotton tape & amber shellac

Campagnolo Nuovo Record with <C> cup

Nos Mavic MA40 rim, Mavic 500/550RD Track hub, Schwable Delta Cruiser 700X35C

Refurb Mavic MA40 rim (machined), Mavic 500/550RD Track hub, Schwable Delta Cruiser 700X35C

Vintage Specialites TA, Pro 5 screws 49t, 165mm, polished, Campagnolo track

Sanmarco, handmade leather covering, unknow seatpost

NOS MKS, Quill-2K, Miche narrow chain

Surly 20t, lot of quest, time and patience...

This bike is the mix from my passions, build within the framework of a "gentlemen contest" from the french fixed gear community ( The quest of parts was the big challenge ...a lot of chance, and help from friends. I hope you will appreciate it

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flask holder

great bike! what did you use to hold the flask under the saddle?

Proper as fuck.

Proper as fuck.


i like the under saddle flask holder. where did u get it or did u make it.




well done. really enjoy the character you put into it




This is classic. What a creation!

Tre superb!!!

I am in draw-jopping awe!!! (O: Thanks for a brilliant addition to the world and the world of cycling.

far out!

Love it Love it Love it! this bike is SICK! Wow. The custom leather is beyond amazing. My new favorite bike on Velospace.


too short? or are you running 28s or something that would prevent you from pushing your rear wheel farther forward? i think toe overlap on something like this with such relaxed angles and all would be pretty annoying. should have just gotten a kilo tt.

trek belleville

a photo of your bike was used in a video on the trek website.

watch the video entitled 'watch the making of belleville', it pops up at 0:50

thanks for the link it's

thanks for the link it's interresting and why not contact them for a collab...


it looks soo sophisticated and classy
great build!


this is awesome!


Best bike on here! What kind of headlamp is that? Did you wire it to use a battery instead of dynamo?

thanks...Its a modified

thanks...Its a modified headlamp taken on a vintage peugeot, with enought space to put led and battery...You can visit the french post from my friend Freshfish at the following adresse :


this is a beautiful bike. I can't believe you hand stitched that leather on the frame! amazing...



no brand front rack

The rack is n nobranded item available in the bicycle shop in France for 31€ but customized with leather by myself...
Thanks for all the comments

Hi, can you name the shop

can you name the shop you have bought this rack, or do you know a way for me, sitting here in germany, to get one or maybe more of them. I really love the look of them and i searched so long for those porteur racks.
By the way, your bike's fantastic!!!!

Yeah !!!

You know ... ;)


A true masterpiece, if ever I saw one! And for 200 euros!


what is in the flask? great bike thanks for sharing!

Jesus tap-dancing

Jesus tap-dancing Christ....that's unique!








Amazing! A real masterpiece :)

Amazing. If Hermès made

Amazing. If Hermès made bikes, I imagine they would look like this. I especially like the hip flask. Proper hydration is so important! ;)

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