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Soon to be Fixed, Schwinn Traveler

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1981 Schwinn Traveler









Bought this bike from a friend recently and have only stripped it as of yet. Parts have been ordered and once they are received and installed, more pictures will be uploaded. Please give me thoughts and ideas in regards to my bike. I plan on Fixing it :)

People who friended this bike iron jaiden, Stickygdm

Buff, Bronze, and Bitchin!

Dude you straight bought that Iron Gym huh? I was scopin that thing out at Target the other day. Does the shit actually stay up in the door jam while you're gettin buff?
I know some chubby ass kids I'd love to hook up this christmas.

Oh yeah this bike's gonna be nice.

Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

yea it does. I was a little

yea it does. I was a little afraid that it wouldnt support me at first, but it does so easily


(and lol at iron gym as well...)

looking forward to the

looking forward to the finished project... lol iron gym

haha thanks guys. And the

haha thanks guys. And the Iron Gym was bought cuz I just started P90X 3 weeks ago :)

ill be sure to post pics of the bike soon, thanks for the support

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