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87 Cannondale - Tourer

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Cannondale ST400 frame (wide-wheel base, 27"wheels, no canti braze-ons) / 57 / 1987

Ritchey WCS Road (40) with Delta Aztec Vibe-wrap / Cinelli XA 90 (w nitto shim)

Cannondale CroMo fork / DeoreXT II Headset (HP-M735)

Shimano Select 700C/ Continental 4 Season (28)

Shimano Select 700C / Continental 4 Season (28)

FSA MegaExo Gossamer Custom Triple (48/39/24) / Ultegra 6700

Brooks Flyer with black hardware / FSA no-set-back alum post (cut down)

Forte ATB pedals / SRAM 9sp

DA 7700 DT on DA 7900 Barcon-pods / Deore XT RD-M737-SGS and Deore XT FD-M737-BP

Cane Creek SCR-3Ls with Kool Stops / Cane Creek SCR-5 and Cross Top levers

Ultegra 10sp 14-25 (or the SRAM 12-27) / FSA 48/39/24 / Blackburn lowrider and rear-racks and SKS fenders

Delta Aztec Vibe-wrap and grease

Update December 2012: Purchased a wheelset which came with a lightly used junior 10sp Ultegra 14-25 casette and ran with it for most of 2012. It was nice to have the closer shifts and unless I was training, I kept it on the bike generally never needing the 48-12 combo for around town or weekend trips with the lady.
Side note Dec 2012: I realized I own 4 versions of the FSA Gossamer cranksets: 50/34 BB30 (with super chainring), 50/34 megaexo, 48/39/24 megaexo, 48/38/24 octalink (Ti BB) -- and all of them perform quite nicely (though the non-super 50t ring is flexy if over torqued). I have heard all sorts of bad-run stories about this crank, but personally I have never had a problem, especially after replacing the basic megaexo BB with Shimano's Ultegra model (plus it is grey...:-).

Update October 2011: Epoxy worked with the cable guide and one of the underside bottle braze-ons which had loosed itself. I said screw it with the SKS clip and just reattached the fenders cause it rains a lot here in Bergen. The 24T chainring really helps get up the absurdly steep grades in the city, especially with groceries in the panniers.

Update August 2011: Bike arrived in Norway with me via airplane, currently rebuilt without fenders (cant find the SKS slide-on clip for the rear). Also managed to break one of the cable guides in shipping: will try to epoxy it to the frame, errr. Otherwise, she survived the move and feels good on the cobble-stone streets of Bergen.

Update March 2011: Realized (and had read) that the Ultegra FD-6603's cage was oddly designed (didn't like the 48-39 combo) and therefore couldn't get an ideal height over the outer chainring and I fear chain droppage so I swapped all the 10sp stuff and went with the old NOS Deore XT (which matches the headset) and changed the barcons out to test DT-shifters on the pods..? Will add pictures soon.

Update Feb 2011: New Drivetrain with planned move in mind--leaving the midwest to where I might just have to tackle some mountainous terrain (Norway). Will further update photos once the snow / ice leave the roads here.

Old Notes: This bike was slowly built up over a year (almost to the day with final componenets) and all of the work, both the break down and build up, has been my first bike building project through which I learns lots.

I know I need new touring rims. Any suggestions? Going overkill and thinking Mavic 719 to phil wood touring hubs..? (I only weigh 140 lbs)

Panniers: Classic multi-pocked Cannondale Panniers (orange), Front-Roller Clasic Ortliebs (orange). The Ortleibs sit on the blackburn racks just fine too--eventhough I have read online that the lowrider doesn't accept the mounting hardware.

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How did you manage to squeeze a cassette into that frame? I'm building up an 85 C'Dale ST as a tourer and with my 126mm spacing on the rear dropouts, I'd be hard-pressed to fit any modern cassette in there. Is the spacing on the 87 wider or did you pull off some clever respacing on the rear hub?

4mm wont hurt anything

4mm wont hurt anything

Then 130 it is! I'm lacing

Then 130 it is! I'm lacing Alex Adventurers to Suzue Classica hubs. 36 holes, brass nipples: the works. Then again, overkill when you're 190 is different than overkill when you're 140. At least no one's recommended tandem wheels to me yet.

Hello Fulix,

Yes, Veggie is correct. I had asked around and read quite a few opinions for advice on this and most concluded the 130 was safe (though 135 is not recommended...). I do need to physically spread the stays to get the wheel back in, especially with the rack on there. I have never noticed any problems and the long reach brakes work just fine -- not sure how this would go down with canti studs (which I always have wished this frame had...).
Good luck on your build and share some pics! Sound like nice wheels and I hear you with the overbuilt wheels (I am 140 on a heavy/early-spring day :-). I love this bike and though it is a bit too big, it rides comfortable and very stable, especially so with weight in the panniers. Cheers


it's original paint, i read it. still looks fantastic.

Fantastic Work

wow, this look alot cooler than the original. where did you get the head-badge with the cannondale little house? i want on of those in black.

Pre-1990 Headbadge

Hi Jirc Rider, thanks!,-and yeah, as you pointed out above, this is all original; that set of decals can be had on Ebay for relatively. This era is my personal favorite from Cannondale: 1986-1989 (and also resurrected for some of the newer Capos). Cheers

I am

getting closer and closer to getting a C'dale myself, thinking regular road geo, although the tourer can't be that much less nimble I figure..

Any C'dale or "vintage" C'dale?

Hey Per.k, yeah, the touring frame has a pretty long wheelbase but I've never felt discouraged from following a tight line or descending aggressively on it (it feels like I am riding steel with a little weight on the rear rack, really smoothing out the ride). One day I hope to have an 87 Crit to match the tourer and the 26" SM400 (its a frame I am working on). Good luck!--I'm sure a Caad 9 would treat you well..?

are you still

considering upgrading your wheels? That mavic/phil set sounds awesome, there is a guy at my work with an Ibis on those mavics and they look STOUT!

My set of mavic open pro cd/phil hubs have been smooth as butter


Hi per.k, the wheels are still on the back-burner unfortunately. Me and my lady just made a planned unemployed-international-move and had been saving as much money as possible for the setting up and the possible unknowns that may come in the next twelve-months (scary).
I've considered the open pros too, but those 719s just seem impenetrable,-but maybe I could save some weight..? ...This will be the third winter I've joked about getting a really nice Christmas for myself (or hinting what a nice gift it'd be) but she's too realistic and/money-wise. Thanks for checkin' in and enjoy!

All black components on a

All black components on a white frame...who woulda thought it would look so good!? That and the low spoke count wheels and 25mm tires kinda make this the anti-touring bike. I'm into it.

Another great pic

Another great shot of my favorite bike. Keep 'em coming. Mine's only needing the spokes and tires and we'll be on the road.


Thanks Ruffinit,
I've been dialing in some comfort and found the stem at its max extension most comfy and maybe the seat is a little too forward but I've been playing with the angle of the Brooks and it makes the seat fore/aft position a bit different. All will of course change again with clipless pedals... 'Will PM you soon! Cheers

Your bike look great I love

Your bike look great I love what you have done with it. Did it have the racks on it when you got it or did you have to find them somewhere if so where did you find them?

Racks... & Thanks!

Hi Lotec,
Yeah the frame came with the racks (hand-me-down style) so I dont know where this particular batch came from. Blackburn, the rack brand, seems readily available in the UK but I haven't looked for them in the US but I am sure they are available. ...Your C'dale would look real nice with some polished aluminum fenders! (I just love the function of fenders and they fill out a long-wheel-base very nicely)

ST700 ?

Is this the ST700 that's in the '88 catalog, or the ST600 from '87? Just curious (did you repaint it?). I wanted to see when they started to put cantis on the touring bikes and found the catalogs:
Back then they had cantilever brakes on the ST800s and ST1000s only.

Originally ST400 (probably)

Hi Thomas. From the paint-scheme (which is original) and the serial#, I believe the frame was built as a '87 ST400 (per the 1987 cat.).

I received the frame/fork with just the XT headset and an 1R Cinelli stem (neither of which are stock) and built it up from there but always wished it had canti-bosses--braking has never been a problem (I am light and travel fairly light but I do fear it being a problem someday). The midwest is so flat (esp for a Mainer) and with planning to move to a mountainous country in a year (for good), I foresee lots of changes to this bike's drivetrain for the terrain change. ...I've been reading up on half-step gearing and it seems to make so much sense(!).


thumbs up

Looks really sharp, and I love those racks. I've got an old Fuji Touring bike that I'm currently rebuilding from the ground up (starting with paint). With any luck, it'll be something like this once finished.

Very classy bike. Cheers.


Thanks ozymandia... she's been hanging on the wall since the first salt hit the road and I can't wait for Spring to take a spin up to Wisconsin,-or maybe down to Kentucky!

Have fun with the project and I'll keep an eye out for it.


Wonderfully built.. The C Drives with the sidepulls were built to be more of a "credit card" touring bike, with the loaded touring bikes built with the cantis... I'm building a '88 ST700 which is very similar to yours. I already have 2 loaded touring frames. Adding to the cluster.

Thanks and yeah, no cantis...

Thanks and goodluck on your ST700! You have some nice bikes and some nicely worn bikes to prove your drive :-) ...I haven't reached fully-loaded weight on this bike yet with only some overnighters under its belt; I'm afraid what/how the calipers will react/not-react to +60lbs (it helps that I am 130s hah). Happy riding!

Just can't keep away from this ..

Keep coming back to it. My favorite bike of them all. I wouldn't be worried about putting some heavy weight to those brakes. Just take it slowly at first until you get the hang of the stopping with the sidepulls. My ST is getting the last clear coat this week, then curing and I'll be starting to put it together.

Your brakes will be fine

They're dual pivots, plenty of strength. I've done tours with old-school sidepulls (single-pivot Campys) and still survived. Ride on!

(By the way, with a chro-moly fork, if you really wanted cantis where it counted, you could have studs put on up front. Yes, sacrilege, but it's an option.)

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