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planet x stealth carbon track updated          Featured Bike! on 08/3/2010

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Planet-X Pro Carbon Track

pro vibe

planet x pro integrated headset

pro 4rays

pro carbon disc

sugino 75 grand mighty 165


mks custom nuevo doubles and KMC 710SL Ti Nitride Chain

zen racing 47t chainring

Out with those ugly

Out with those ugly aerojokes and in with sexy proper carbon wheels

I think this would look and

I think this would look and perform 100x better with probably any other wheelset on the market.


you ride this on the street? how is it? i've been contemplating ordering one of these...

i think these need some real

i think these need some real aero wheels


i just cant handle how sick this bike is im so jelous, i cracked my tubing on my frame, got no money so im pretty f***** lool

sick ride

Great looking bike! I have an aerospoke wheel on my bike and love it except when there is a crosswind; you can really feel the difference then. Don't knock them till you try them.

I don't really care either

I don't really care either way about the aerospokes, I just know your bike is what my bike wants to be when it grows up.







I don't get it....

I don't get it....

The spokes are jokes.

^the truth.

^the truth.

yeah son

yeah son


Amazing build besides the 'jokes, for the amount you could sell those wheels for, you could get a 10,000 times better wheelset, then take it to the track.

I love arrospoks...

But this bike is not one that should have two of them.

Drop dead gorgeous, but the

Drop dead gorgeous, but the wheels are retarted. I stil like it a lot.

its funny

how its one or the other.
people either love the aerospokes or hate them.
no in between.
but seriously...
get some zipps. and keep this on the track.




ditch the wheels

epic fail

wheelset away from an epic win

Bike looks so nice dude, but

Bike looks so nice dude, but take off those brickoflex's and put on some ellipses and you have yourself a winner.

bike looks dope.. but i bet

bike looks dope.. but i bet if you got mavic on there it would ride better and be lighter

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