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Trek 510 frame (22.5"), early 80's with original Campy frame dropouts and cable routes

Cinelli stem, no name bars, Forte cheater levers, Campy Gran Compe brakes

Shimano 600 headset

Mavic CPX33 w/ Campy hub

Mavic CPX33 Shimano hub w/ single gear conversion

172.5mm Dura Ace cranks, Shimano Ultegra bottom bracket

White Flite saddle (thanks Kevin), SR Laprade post, King bottle cage

MKS Sylvan pedals, Ale toe clips, Sachs chain

39/15 gearing

2-19-07: I think all the details are now in place.

1-30-07: It all started as a cheap, whatever-I-had-in-the-garage, coaster
project. I had the teal green frame -- which I thought had some nice
lines --, red wheels, and some goofy white fenders (they came with the
bike). I don't know why, but the whole Italian theme was still not
apparent yet (duh). Xmas maybe. It wasn't until I scored the stock red
blackburn rack at CityBikes, Portland, that the Tre Colori theme became
an obsession. My next addition is to build up an another red rear wheel
using a Phil Wood fixie hub I have laying around. Oh, and now my wife
needs a bike...

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fat style

points on the reflector on the derailer hanger.

Forza Italia!

One of those red aluminum Sigg water bottles would complement the look of the entire bike. The metallic color goes better than the nike plastic bottle.

That is a really nicely put together bike! The fenders/seat/tape in white, plus the trek logo in white, make for great accents.

You nailed it.


When I grow up... I want to be this bike


I love all the detail you put into this bike. Normally i prefer a clean look, like brakeless and so on, but this manages to still look very clean and aesthetically pleasing.


Nice ride, I've got an 82 510 myself that I use for my winter ride. Have any idea were those fenders came from or what off of?

J. Thompson
Single-Tooth Productions



Not sure. Unfortunately they are busted now. One of the brackets sheared off. I will certainly have to do some retrofitting. T

i love this.

i love this.

nicely done

i dig this.

Beautifully Executed

My favorite detail is the rear (derailleur) reflector mount. Brilliant! Mind if I copy that on my in-the-works fixie conversion? Thanks,

No problem...

since I owe the idea to a friend of mine here at work. He kept saying "what if you did this, or that." And I said "um, okay." Thanks. T

Love That Color Combo...

Those colors are just to die for!

I will help.

Let me know if you need any more "help" on your other projects.
Your spins looks sweet!


No more killer ideas! I've obsessed enough!

A touch of real class!

This bike made me go look in my garage at 11:30 at night!!!!Definitly a cut above!,So much cooler than the one Lance rides:)

very nice

I like it. All of it. Fenders struck me more as cool than goofy.

I'm visiting Portland in two weeks. Maybe I'll see it on the street, too.

goofy fenders

thanks. enjoy your trip to portland.


Portland: Yes

I did enjoy Portland. Lots. Everyone should go there and take note. Bicycles and fixed gears (specifically) everywhere. Even in the rain. I get the fender thing, now. Real people who have the time to talk to strangers. In a city. I'm not kidding. Thanks.

Complimentary colors :)

Red and Green. Also the flag of Mexico and Italy. Looks great, can't wait to see it on the street.

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