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1999 VooDoo Hoodoo: The Alleycat

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1999 VooDoo Hoodoo (double-butted chromoly)

Cabot titanium; Easton MG60; Ergon grips

Felt F1X carbon; Chris King

Shimano Dura Ace hub; Mavic Open 4 rim; Michelin Jet II 700x30 tire

White Industries hub (Ti axle); Torelli Corsa rim; Michelin Jet II 700x30 tire

Shimano XT 752 w/FSA rings; Octalink II

Terry Fly Ti; Thomson 27.2/410 setback

Crank Brothers Candy SL; SRAM PC991

Shimano XT M760 shifters/brake levers; Shimano XTR M952 F/R derailleurs

Paul MotoBMX brakes; Shimano XT M760 shifters/brake levers; Mavic Caliper Adapter, Problem Solvers Travel Agent

SRAM 11-34 cassette; Topeak QR beam rack

My first completed (okay, my first functional) build! And it's pretty slick.

More details shortly. And better photos, I swear.

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Love mine too!

I bought one of these in LA 10 years ago, and was addicted to my nightly bomb sessions up dirt roads to Mulholland Dr., along Mulholland for a few miles, then zooooom on asphalt back down to the SF Valley floor. What a fast and fun bike.
Now I'm in Fresno, two kids later, and just dusted off my yellow cat. Got a baby seat on the back and everything! Fork doesn't seem to have much life in it, 'tho. Seems to have bled to death. Anyone know what size this fork is? I'd like to buy a "just like new" Judy XC or something off ebay.
Love your pics.

Mine had a RockShox Judy SL on it

...when I first got it; the yellow ones (1999) were all 1 1/8" headsets.

VooDoo's whole schtick was a build-to-order thing: You'd pick out the frame model and size, tell them what components you wanted, and they'd assemble the the thing for you. If you look at the BikePedia listings for VooDoos in the '90s, each model has about 20-100 builds, depending on what collection of components went into it. The 1999 VooDoo listings have 105(!) builds for the Hoodoo. Take a look; you may find one that matches yours exactly.

Although, you could just get a more modern-type fork - Marzocchi, maybe. I'm more retro-grouch; i like rigid forks :-) As you'll notice, you can put a 700c fork on the frame without making the geometry nutty, which I guess means you could get away with something like a 100mm travel suspension fork.

And it's the damnedest thing: I've seen a couple more of these in the wild recently. I saw one for sale at the ROMP/Cupertino Bike Swap at the end of April, and another one crossed me going down Market Street in San Francisco, as I was at a stoplight waiting to get on the freeway. Which means that half the VooDoos I've seen in action are 1999 yellow Hoodoos...eerie...

And now the bike swap Hoodoo has shown up on SF Craigslist

...for a chunk more than the guy was asking for at the swap:

Lovin' it man!

That thing is awesome! I need to post new pics of mine asap.

Occasionally I pass another one on my way to the community bike shop several times a week. The poor thing lives outside, cabled to a tree on a busy street. Even with the rain its in great condition. I am a bit surprised it hasn't been pinched yet. ...I'm even more surprised that I haven't pinched it yet. ;) lol.


It's strange. I live in the SF Bay Area, former VooDoo Central. I've taken this thing over to Bent Spoke in Oakland, a shop that used to be one of the biggest VooDoo dealers (and a stasher of many interesting VooDoo tidbits; he has a shop banner, a few Canzo frames and a D-Jab frame, if anyone's interested), so the owner could gush over it.

But I have seen a grand total of three VooDoos in the wild:

- Bizango (the Reynolds 853 upgrade to the Hoodoo) ridden in by a customer at an LBS
- Dambala (aluminum 29er) with a guy slurping coffee on the patio of the 4th Street Peet's Coffee
- another 1999 yellow Hoodoo for sale at last month's ROMP/Cupertino bike swap.

Like I said to the guy with the Dambala: You'll always stand out if you're riding a VooDoo.

You might want to camp out by the foundling for awhile, or leave a note. If that doesn't get results, maybe try knocking on a few doors? Maybe a poor defenseless bike needs rescuing from a cruel world/indifferent owner.

You will, of course, posting the Bizango, so I can include it in the VooDoo cluster? I already stuck your Bianchi in the celeste cluster.

nice work!

I really like these old school rigid 26er's!

They make fun road warriors if you slap-on some slicks and add a larger chainring.

Ah, yes; but...'s not technically a 26er, and it wasn't born rigid. I have a '93 Marin Bobcat Trail beater that I keep as my haulin' stuff bike. That's an old school rigid 26er; this is not that bike.

Somebody 'round here is going to win a Virtual Anchor Steam if they call attention to the two really distinctive features of this build before I post them.

is it the...

...Road fork with canti bosses?
...overkill stem?
...rear brake with U brace, cable shortener thing and V's that I can't completely figure out?

I tried. I guess no virtual beer for me.



It's the U brace, which is actually a Mavic Brake Caliper Adjuster, an oddball gadget that's been in their catalog for about five years, and got absolutely no attention until DirtRag wrote them up last October. In my 10-month search for the thing last year, I went to 15 different Mavic dealers. When I described the thing, every one of them looked at me like I was having a seizure - then they looked in the catalog, to see a part they'd never heard of (and couldn't imagine anyone using).

[Nelson Muntz-tone]HAH-ha![/Nelson Muntz-tone]

But nobody had it, and according to the Mavic distributor in Massachusetts, nobody was going to get it until the powers-that-be in France received them from Taiwan, and got around to shipping them to the US, for distribution to the deserving poor. In other words (the French being the French): Pour a glass and settle down, monsieur; you may be waiting for the rest of your life.

The last LBS I went into was Montano Velo in Oakland, CA. I repeated my sad story, and the kid says: Oh, you mean like these?...and pulls six of them off the back of a shelf.

More details of what it's for and why it's cool in the build description, which I swear I'll post today.

JonD wins a virtual Anchor Steam, exchangeable for a more tangible Anchor Steam (on tap) the next time he's out by The Bay, possibly at the waterside pickup bar about 50 feet from where the photos were taken.

Anchor Steam is

Anchor Steam is delicious.
Sweet brakes, Paul is the greatest thing around.

Anchor Steam keeps your blood thick enough... it doesn't leak out your pores. Essential.

Yes, Paul brakes rule. It took me eight months to find two used MotoBMXes. And they are powerful enough to inspire fear.

You're still not at the key bits, but you're getting warm.


I suck @ reading.

That's cool; you're halfway there, duuuuude

Now, what makes that wheel arrangement work?

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