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Winter Bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | bent
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Fuji (was Raleigh)

hubs and rims salvaged from the trash.

Mostly the same parts new frame and fenders! Rock Soild now.

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new ride!

I like the new ride, and its even baby blue!

You got it!

When the snow is just right I have so much fun on this bike. Though I stand by my 700's, at least for Minnesota weather.


The same thing happened to me. I was cruising along and I did a slight turn and the toe overlap did its deed on the fender. Good thing a was going at a slow speed because I would have been shot over the bars as well. but good to see you came out okay.

glad you're okay, m. sorry i

glad you're okay, m. sorry i couldn't hang out last night. i was soooo tired i almost fell asleep in andrea's lap. you need to come help move a few loads with that [email protected] trailer! that thing is RAD!

You've been Snobbed

Welcome to the club!

For the 'snob' who did his homework

It always had a brake and will continue to. I was in the prosses of taking it apart that day. But oh well. Good news how ever! Your application to the raleigh club has been accepted!

I guess if you write as such, you believe as such, Your beliefs are not my problem, but rather your hinderance to world of other people who enjoy riding a bicycle too.

sks fenders

If you get another bike and must add fenders, look into sks fenders. They have a quick release clip that's supposed to prevent the fender from getting jammed into the wheel. good luck

Funny you mention

I just had that disscution with a co-worker after this happened. They came on the frame 'Joe' gave me. I literaly spent about 15 bucks on it. But indeed my latest project has had SKS's on it since last fall.

a cheap way to make a

a cheap way to make a hetchins fork

Just spin the stem around

and you're good to go for another 10 years!


i know it isnt funny but at the same time you know it kinda is

Yeah, I could of bit it a

Yeah, I could of bit it a lot worse. But if I was emotional about it I would of left it off the web. I'm just glad to ride again.

barspins? hah.

barspins? hah.

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