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Gios Torino Super Record

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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GIOS Torino Super Record

old road drops / sakei royal

Gios / Campy Super Record

Weinman for now :(


ORIGIN 8 (BOMB PROOF) / Campy Super Record

vintage BMX Viscount / FiR Italy

mks sylvan / KMC

48 / 16


That shit is falling apart.

Switched up drop stem and risers for level SR stem and old road drops. Also switched out the carbon for a chrome FiR Seatpost.

Upload new pictures soon.

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fuck you and your red and

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just kidding man ps white bikes r faster!!!!

you will live in the woods

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@ the bomb proof cranks. I have those Origin 8 cranks too and they are shit. :[

haha i know they are.

that's why i put in the note section that it's a joke haha. those cranks are horrible man. it's getting converted back to road in a week anyways.

Probably a better use for the frame

The Gios Torino Super Record is an excellent frame and moving it back to road is probably a better fit for this beast (you have the original forks?). I would have a hard time resisting the urge to take it back to its former self, from period NR or SR drive train to wheelset. Just wondering, what happened to the original paint? Ever considering restoring it to old glory?

this is a full restore in progress

only im not putting campy parts back on it. I found a dura ace grouppo that im buying for 100 dollars. so I figured it was a budget way to get it back on the road as a road bike again.

Trust me man, I regret every converting this thing, I know the frame is yelling at me like, "WHAT THE HELL ASSHOLE IM A TREASURE RIDE ME AS A ROAD BIKE"

Original paint I have no idea what happened to it. I do live in a pretty big city with a bunch of good powdercoaters, I'm getting it powder coated the gios super record blue in a couple months.

Trust me I'm not an asshole, I would not ruin a good frame. I also have a wanted ad posted in the WTB section for a 57cm track frame.

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