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ULTRA RARE 2008 NJS Bianchi Pista

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ULTRA RARE 2008 NJS Bianchi Pista

NJS Origin 8 Risers and NJS stem

Blue NJS Bianchi fork and Cane Creek NJS headset

HNJS Plus Son laced to a white NJS All City hub on a 700x25 gator

NJS Aerospoke with a custom Campy Aerospoke spoke-card on a 700x25 gator

NJS Truvativ Cranks

NJS San Marco Concor Supercorsa

White Steven Hamilton NJS Animal BMX pedals with power grips


***Profile updated*** New pictures, switched to fixed.

I walked into my local bike shop and I saw something sparkling in the back. After moving the Oury grip display and rolling an entire rainbow of Velocity Deep V's out of the way, I spotted this beauty. I felt like the kid in Willy Wonka when he found that golden ticket. From what I have gathered trolling on bike forums, this is one of only 5 Bianchi Pista frames in the Unites States. I feel truly honored and I will ride it with pride.

I am still trying to figure out how to do trackstands and skid stops. Every time I try to skid stop I almost fly over my handle bars. Does anyone have any advice for me?!

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A serious comment, just for a moment

I've been so busy with the laff-riot comment thread that I've only just now looked at the bike. Isn't that an awful lot of setback in that seatpost? Maybe you'd be better off with the next frame size up, or at least something with a longer top tube.

Nothing says 'love' like a 20-foot tall circus tent

Piece of shit.

Piece of shit.

Sarcastic description is

Sarcastic description is sarcastic.

Sarcastic description is

Sarcastic description is sarcastic.




That Pista is super rare, watch your back!!! Nice bike though!!

lol wut

lol wut

...........TIMELESS!, this

...........TIMELESS!, this bike is to die for!


I was just curious, whats the difference between your frame and this one? (honest question, not trying to hate)


I can't even begin to count the differences... 1) It's not even a real Bianchi Pista frame. That "JENSONUSA" site has been selling fake Pistas for years and no one has done anything about it!!!!!!! The Internet is like a large ocean and sites like that are pirates. Bike pirates.

My frame is almost 100% NJS and those fake Pista frames will probably snap in half if you take a turn too fast.

Is your rear light njs too?

Is your rear light njs too?

Njs Lights

Didn't you know NJS made rear and front lights!?
I got mine already :) ahahha

I wish!!!

It's actually an old dead stock Campy light I got off an old Eddie Merckx my dad used to ride.


Why didnt you go for the NJS gatorskins? Mr. NJS wont let you race in those without a stamp!

To be honest

I figured NJS Gatorskins would be overkill. What do you think? I think they might make my NJS Pista "too flashy" or make it look like a "typical fixie."


Modesty is a virtue. You already show impeccable taste with this amazing frame. I also hear the NJS Gators are 'tubular'? Is that somehow different than normal tires? Does this mean my Gatorskins aren't round enough??

Great observation

NJS tubular tires are in fact much more round. Don't feel bad though. The extra traction these NJS tires provide is only noticeable on the steepest velodromes in the world. Riding NJS Gatorskins on the road would be like taking a Rolls Royce to a destruction derby; you just don't do it.

yea dude my pista is REAL

yea dude my pista is REAL NJS too!! when i bought it off the very own Lance Armstrong himself, he assured me of that.. i didn't think anyone else had one! that s.o.b told me that only him and the fucking queen of England that had one!!... you should take a look at my tri spoke it took a team of NASA scientist that i hired to make:) oh and where did you get that NJS aerospoke from?? are they not in American company anymore?

Quite possibly

the funniest thing I have ever read on this site.

Kudos to you, Mr. Grip!




Bike satire is my favorite.

Please tell me this is a

Please tell me this is a joke cause I'm rolling!!! Hahaha

Njs hahah that's funny only Japanese frames are njs didn't you say bianchi is Italian?

Pista rare? My frame is rarer then yours and I have one of the only ones in the US not to mention nicer :)

and wowo stock parts? Truvativ Touro cranks suck.. And def arnt njs you have a made in Taiwan piece o crap... End of story

aerospoke is nice tho! It's not made in Taiwan gasp!! Powerstraps are nice too!

I can assure you this is not

I can assure you this is not a joke.

I had grown tired of dealing with all the bike amateurs on this site. You have no idea what you are talking about. This is quite possibly the most expensive and rare bike on Velospace. People are being ripped off all over the country with fake "Pistas."

Every single part on this bike is NJS, even the chain. I know a guy who takes all of my parents and converts them to NJS for a part. Everyone wastes money buying all these NJS parts from eBay when they could just convert it themselves.

Please go back to riding your non-NJS Leader frame. You don't have to try to insult me and my bike just because you can't have it.

Haha my leader is the beater

Haha my leader is the beater the cheap bike sayy hello to my new bike

Your pos can even compare to it (new bike) haha

convert to njs? WTF does that mean. You can't convert anything to njs. Do you even know what njs is? Shoot I've got more njs on my bike then yours that's forsure check it. Out

Your shit isn't even Japanese,campy,lugged,brazed,or even awesome tubeing nor is it even handmade!!

One word Cheap!!


everyone knows Mr. Njs coverts many followers. You are nuts, beezy. I can't believe you're actually bashing this bike! I'd offer my unborn child for it.

oh yeah,


Finally someone who truly understands. I'm riding around on the Holy Grail of bikes and 90% of you have nothing but negative things to say. Maybe one day I'll ride through your town and you'll finally be able to see the rarest bike in the world.

Haha really, beezy?

Are you being serious?

This is one of only 5 in

This is one of only 5 in america. Would you be willing to let it go for 0,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000??

right now i am only

right now i am only considering trades for other rare NJS frames

if anything

that "custom Campy Aerospoke spoke-card" is rare.

You are correct, it is quite

You are correct, it is quite rare. Almost as rare as my NJS Bianchi Pista.


I like your spoke card(board)!

i guess

i guess i feel prity bad for my self im crying ive been crying for days man dam o why o why dose Ohio have so much inbreeding

you are the one

who spelling and logic seem to elude. clinton

i dont really care any more

i dont care any more to keep this going any more lol i couldn't get my pics from my phone i dont have a Bentley i dont have a care im not even old enough to drive i like my pista weather you think its fake or not idc i kno its real or the store i got it from would be closed by now seeing how they been open for a long time

by the way Ohio Sucks Big Harry BaLLS

OHHHHHHHHH you couldn't get

OHHHHHHHHH you couldn't get the pictures of your EXTREMELY RARE Bianchi Pista from your phone? I'm pretty sure I predicted this would happen. Stop trying to pretend you have one of the rarest frames in the world. If anything, you have a fake Pista. You shouldn't feel sorry for yourself. A lot of people have been ripped off. It's not your fault! You're not the victim!

the two of you must be

the two of you must be related. clinton

"Big Harry BaLLS"

First prize - velospace Insult of the Day!

i dont have a camra

i dont have a camra but if you want the pics off my black berry i would be happy to upload them just for you and the offer is still up if you want for me to go around the city taking pics of pistas let me kno ill take pics on my phone and send them to you

I would really appreciate it

I would really appreciate it if you e-mailed me all the pics but I already know you are going to photoshop them all and make them "grainy" and blame it on your Blackberry. Like I said so many times already, I've seen it before!!! It's like you trying to say you own a Bentley and you are going to take pictures of it AND ride around the city and take pictures of all the OTHER Bentley's too! HA! Just give it a rest and sell your bike. Who knows, you might find someone as gullible as you and make a few bucks on your fake Pista.

oops i forgot my

oops i forgot my e-mail

[email protected]

it's that pt barnum bit

it's that pt barnum bit clinton

PT Barnum?

I don't know what PT Barnum is, but I feel like you are making some sort of PT Cruiser joke about my bike and it's not funny. If my bike were a car, it would be a... well I don't really know much about cars so I don't know what it would be but I do know it would be AWESOME.


Oh why oh why oh did I ever leave Ohio?

just saying

just saying i dont kno how to delete comments and my friends comments aren't up hear on the page any more so mybe the so called grips deleted them cuz i dident want to hear the truth lol

i dident delete shit

first of i dident delete any thing 2nd i dont have a fake pista man dam do you want me to send you pics of my pista you really think you have one of 5 pista in the usa ill go around new your find you about 10 of them in one day i cant go a fucking day with out seeing some one els with my bike like i said i have the same color pista its not a rare bike man just face it you have some nice parts on yours i have almost all the parts it came with still i just got my bike not to long ago if you want i will take pics around nyc of all the pistas i see if thats how i have to prove that its not rare and my bikes not fake

Well if you really had a

Well if you really had a Pista I think you would have pics up already! You're probably going to Google "Rare Bianchi Pista" and steal those pictures to put up on Velospace. I know how it works, I've seen it before!!! So many "biters" and "haters" out there who won't respect one of the rarest NJS frames to ever be released. It's sad.


looks like someone deleted some of their comments...



He must have realized he

He must have realized he owned a fake Pista.

you are quite possibly the

you are quite possibly the funniest person ever. your bike is my friend now. clinton

it keeps getting better! you

it keeps getting better! you know he is messing with all of you right? well he is isn't he? he has to be. there's no other explanation clinton

Explanes? Do you mean

Explanes? Do you mean ex-planes? I was never a pilot? I'm a little confused because you started out talking about planes and then you start talking about my Aerospoke?

I would consider selling you the Aerospoke but it's NJS (one of only 10 made in the past 7 years) and it cost me well over two thousand dollars and it took months of negotiations just to get my hands on one. Maybe you'll get lucky and find one on your own.

Wow I don't know what I

Wow I don't know what I could possibly say that hasn't already been said. Are you retarded? Your riding Freewheel, of course you can't skid or track stand and you wonder why you almost fly off your bike. You are disgrace to the biking community and need to be put out of your misery. Lastly you dumb fuck-tard Chrome is a company you wouldn't dip your bag in liquid chrome you fool. You only need common sense to realize a bag wouldn't be made out of chrome.


I wish I was as stupid as

I wish I was as stupid as you, maybe then I wouldn't be wallowing in the sadness of the cold realization that I too have fallen prey to the fake fixie felons of BianchiUSA... I WANT MY MONEY BACK


where can I get one of those chrome bags? do they dip them in chrome only, or can you get different colors?


NO I AM NOT RETARDED!!! Why does everyone keep saying that?!

I took my bike to a local Bike Source (The best bike shop in America!!!) and asked them to take off my freewheel and give me an NJS fixed cog. I am sick and tired of riding around on a non-NJS freewheel. It's cheap and it looks stupid. Now you can stop yelling at me for trying skidstops!!!

Well I learned that lesson about Chrome the hard way. A few weeks ago I went to a local paint shop and asked them to paint my backpack chrome. At first they didn't understand and thought I was joking, but after I handed them 250 in straight cash money they stopped asking questions. Four weeks later my bag was finally done. It was heavy, uncomfortable, and I couldn't open it up anymore. My multi-tool and Aerospoke shine cloth are still stuck inside. :(:(:(

Oh, DanielSB90. I feel so

Oh, DanielSB90. I feel so bad for you. Your name must stand for "Daniel Sucker Bro 90," because I am 99% sure you are riding a fake Pista.

I looked at and immediately my Netscape browser gave me a trojan warning... IT'S A FAKE SITE!!! Why would it be called BianchiUSA when Bianchi's are Italian track frames!!! They are selling FAKE FRAMES!!! I wish I could get Velospace to post up a big warning to everyone out there. I feel like more and more people are getting ripped off every day and it saddens me.

i am curious now. does

i am curious now. does anyone know wtf they are talking about? i am going to do some research. i don't have a computer so it might take awhile.wait... i'm on my computer now.


I promise this is not to be an ass, im just curious.
Is this some type of special edition Pista?
Like a special year or something?
Just wondering because the amount of Bianchi Pistas in my city is overwhelming.
If you are not riding a khs flite 100 in Louisville than you are riding a pista.
In one shop alone there are 3 new pistas that i know of.
Please dont take this the wrong way... im just wondering.

I don't even know where to

I don't even know where to begin!!!

First off, every Pista is basically a special edition Pista, there are only 5 in the United States!!! If you see that many Pistas in your town, I am 100% they are all cheap knockoffs. I have seen many people who powdercoat their frames and buy cheap decals off eBay and turn their SE Draft into a Bianchi Pista. If you take measurements on the geometry of these frames, you will realize they are not Pistas!!!

You should report your local bike shop that is supposedly selling 3 Bianchi Pistas. They are fake!!! People are getting ripped off. If you see one for under 00, it's a fake.

I am not trying to "boast" or "be cocky" by showing off one of the rarest track frames ever made. I got lucky and happened to be in the right place at the right time. It's like I hit the lottery.

i would lol if i wasnt olo

some great comments, too funny, thanks!

i love the spokecard... IN AN AEROSPOKE! HAHAHA

holy shit i have never

holy shit i have never laughed so hard. i like the bike. i like to think i can read people well but on this site it is often hard to tell. keep riding


mr blonde 373 u forgot something GET A FUCKING TOECLIPS


mr blonde 373 u forgot something GET A FUCKING TOECLIPS

what the

i see these frames everyday in craiglist and other shit, this is not rare, Bianchi pista concept 2008 is super rare it's all sold out


If you see them on Craigslist for sale all the time they are most likely local or Nigerian scammers. They lure people into empty warehouses to beat and rob them, leaving them with no money and even worse, no Bianchi Pista.

Everyone should be very careful when attempting to deal with someone selling a Pista. I would recommend asking to meet them at a Police station. That way you can safely buy one of the rarest frames in the world! It's going to cost you though, these things can go for thousands!!!!!!!!


stop trying to act like you're the coolest kid on the block

they are NOT rare

You were borne without a

You were borne without a sense of humor

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