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Schwinn Super Le Tour 12.2 Rebuild

Bike tags: Road bike | 12.2 | schwinn
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I originaly found this bike in a city clean-up pile. It was headed for the land fill. I knew it was an awsome bike apon imediate inspection. I didnt realise how awsome untill I started googling the decal weight of 12.2 & the Schwinn name. I am very proud to be restoring this bike now, even more than I originaly was. I am currently working on and off with a rechargable drill with a buffing wheel and good old Mothers Mag & Aluminum polish to restore the the breaks and controls. So far I have had it down to the frame, which I filled all the tubes coming into the bottom crank mount with stuff spray foam to eliminate any posibility of debris getting into the 3 peice cranks ever again. From their repainted the frame. Then stripped the paint off the entirly chromed front forks, gas washed & repacked every bering in the bike including the rims. Lots of parts had to be wire wheeled to remove rust. No detail so far over looked, except having to paint over the factory decals. I will take more pics later when its done and get this post updated. It was my googling that brought me to this website. I realy like the other two bikes in this same catagory and even almost drewled on my self realising they where completly factory. I especialy drewled over the one that was all chrome. That is one sweet ride !!!

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Nice bike, you should feel good that you prevented this from joining a pile of garbage and giving it new life.

How do you stop? Secret brakes?


I am currently working on the break & shifting system. I will be updating this bikes profile soon as I get it together. Going to be lenghening the chain today. Its a bit to short for the 6 speed rear rim. In low it has the derailer stretched to the max. Im going for a goal of 12 speed. With the rear rim I selected it will have a 42 to 32 low range climbing gear once I perchaise the 42 tooth low range chainring. I have also been going around and around dealing with trying to get doual lever shimano break levers to clamp to the larger aluminum handelbars. May have to do some grinding on the break handle mounts to except the wider clamps. So far im going with Dia-Compe side pull calipers.

Sounds good.

Update? New pictures?

This is a fix-up...

a restoration is putting all the ORIGINAL parts on it and making it just like the day it rolled off the factory floor. With GEARS!

spray foam in frame

THAT is a really interesting idea! Sounded goofy the first time I read it but made sense the more I thought about it.

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