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Starfuckers Xenon         Featured Bike! on 01/19/2010

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Starfuckers Xenon

Volume Trickter/Thomson bmx

Leader Trick Star V2/Starfuckers

Soma/Velocity Chukker/Panaracer Ribmo

Soma/Velocity Chukker/Panaracer Ribmo

Demolition Medial/Profile


Odyssey Twisted PC/Reload straps/Shadow Conspiracy

Also like this . . .

looks A LOT like this ^


i've been up in the air between broakland and starfuckers for a while now, heard a lot of good feedback on how the pipebombs last forever. how do you feel about the longevity of the frame doing fgfs stuff, ever worry about hurting it when it's taking a lot of torque or impact?
really wicked build either way tho, respect.

just good

One of my friends just got his hands on one of these. I've tried it and they're just good, amazingly tight, seriously. I prefer this one above the volume cutter. Why are people talking shit if they even don't know what they're talking about. Superb geo and unique. I would buy it if I had the money :) Ride it hard.

What's not to like about

What's not to like about this bike? There are so many NJS track bikes and road conversions on here that this bike is a welcoming breath of fresh air. The only "trick" I can do is pedal backwards in a circle but somehow the bike tells me I can do anything.



sweet bike dood

whats the sizing like with these?? can you bspin 700c? i bet xenon means shred in japanese sumshit

I saw you do a barspin

I saw you do a barspin

I saw you posted my ride on

I saw you posted my ride on tarckbike



at first glance....i say

at first glance....i say what the hell....upon consideration i think this is amazing. to all the individuals ragging on this bike, tell me you don't just want to jump on this thing and go tool around the closest blacktop. good thing you explained the dropout situation. that shit is crazy!

Ultimate Tarck!

It's like a GT fucked a Haro Extreme, and this is what came out!


my friend ian just got one of these and its crazy to ride. in the "0" rake mount it feels like a super tight track frame with amazing zero toe overlap. but in the other dropouts it feel awesome and really comfortable for anything you try to do on it. sweet bike. super fun to ride. FUCK THE HATERS

where did you buy this, and

where did you buy this, and how much did it cost?


but this bike is simply awesome, well done!!!


get a solid color chain, please!!!

Thanks for the positive

Thanks for the positive comment. For now the chain will stay, crazy colors for a crazy frame. I tend to swap components out quite a bit so something a little more subtle will surely be in place at one time or another!


This bike is sick! I've been eyeballing these frames for so long. How much did the frameset cost. I wanna know how many more days until I can afford one!

Taht siht is so hot it is

Taht siht is so hot it is mkanig me mispsell all my wrods!!!!!!


this bike is clearly for tricks. not that i have anything against tricks but i have never put any effort in to learning how to do any. but this bike makes me rethink my choices. how does this bike ride as a bike. i mean is it still a fast bike? thanks. nice bike

I have this bike geared

I have this bike geared pretty low (about 69 gear inches), for tricks and commuting. I'm not really into going too fast anymore, but I can say that it would make a fine bike for doing so... change out the gearing, put some lower rise bars and you would be good to go. The head tube angle is pretty slack compared to a proper track frame, but it makes for a comfy ride. With the diagonal rear dropouts, you can make the head tube a little steeper and make the top tube slant even more forward. The fork has dual dropouts, so you can set it up with 35 degree rake or none at all, making the steering very responsive. The bottom bracket is considerably higher than a track frame, so pedal strike in turns is a non-issue. Also note that the chain is not connected to the chainstay, making a dramatic change in gearing simple with no breaking required.

I like this.

It looks fun to ride and it irritates the grouches. Good work.

I think it needs more color.

Thanks! It is pretty funny

Thanks. It is pretty funny how bent out of shape people get over a bike that they don't like. There is no good reason to be so serious all the time!

that frame style should've

that frame style should've died in the 80's with the gawdy mountain bikes, although star fucker is an appropriate name. i can see it bending courtney love over a urinal after doing some blow off of her bosoms. i guess the pendulum of fixed gears has swung from classy track to this. i hope it swings back soon. it's definately a very unique and i bet it would be fun to ride. with that geometry and barspinicity

"it's definately a very

"it's definately a very unique and i bet it would be fun to ride"

This is why I built it;)

Thats dope!

This bike looks like it would be fun to bust on. I think its cool.

Thanks. That's exactly why I

Thanks. That's exactly why I built it up... a lot of people here forget that bikes can (and should) be fun. I have seen that you are on Trick Track as well, what up man! Haha.


of hate goin on here....


yo i think it's cool as hell, i would love to take it for a a spin.


So many builds aren't adventuresome at all. This one deserves mad props for being different (and consequently awesome).

I'm generally put off by strange bikes, but this one just takes the frickin' cake in terms of creativity and craziness.

Im not going to comment

Im not going to comment about the build but I will say that those dropouts are stupid.

The reason the dropout on

The reason the dropouts on the Starfuckers frame are diagonal is so you can adjust your head tube angle by placement of the wheel... further back (or down) would make your head tube steeper. More forward (or up) keeps the angles more relaxed. Also, if you choose to run a 650c front and a 700c in back, you can level out the frame so it doesn't have that twitchy feeling associated with running a smaller front. Very innovative design, in my opinion. Understandably, the looks aren't for everybody. I just happen to love it!

interesting idea

but wouldn't that mean that you have to compromise between chain tension and head-tube angle?

I've never had a problem

I've never had a problem with chain tension whatsoever... even though the dropouts aren't horizontal, there is more than enough room to walk the wheel back to get the chain tight.



That is all I have to say about this bike.

Why comment then? You didn't

Why comment then? You didn't really say anything. Uhm... thanks, I guess? Haha.

are the bars on backwards?

are the bars on backwards? it looks like they are sweeping forward

The bars can be mounted

The bars can be mounted either way. They have zero sweep.

does this even qualify as

does this even qualify as tarck? not saying that in a bad way. im sure this bike is great for it's purpose.. fixed gear tricks. but i mean, there's nothing even slightly track bike-ish about it.. 26" wheels, road cranks (i think), bmx bars/stem, etc.

Valid point. The wheels are

Valid point. The wheels are actually 700c, not 26". I added "tarck" as a tag because many bikes with a fixed wheel get lumped into being a "track" bike, even if they are clearly NOT set up for velodrome use... I suppose it is a new style of frame so I'm not sure what to tag it as!

tag it as badass. i'd love

tag it as badass. i'd love to see someone doing tricks on this, looks like a super fun build! i wish i knew how to do tricks on my bike :/



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