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80's danish SCHRODER pursuit track bike         Featured Bike! on 10/13/2011

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | Commuter | campagnolo | denmark | more tags >>
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80's SCHRODER pursuit track- made in denmark

chopped and flipped road/ early ttt

original / miche

ava tubular rim to campy flange

gipiemme nisi carbon disc

early campy / miche

selle concor /

mks sylvan double strapped/


a friend of mine brought this to me - it was last raced in the 90's - anyone know any history on this frame or age? are all SCHRODER frames red? ---sold recently

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small facts

You Schroder is from the early 80's. They changed the head badge in the early 90's. The red and white is the well known paint job for the Danish National Team riders. The bike you have is in great shape.They still making them with that same paint job. Niel's the owner is a great man as I rode for him in the mid-late 90's. Please make sure if you let the bike go it will stay in the same condition. Hope these is some help.

so sexy

just a question how much would u sell this for

i love the clearance in the

i love the clearance in the back!!


Do you own the used camera store in costa mesa? What size is this bike? Would you be willing to part with? I would interested in buying it, if it fits me.


yes/56cm/not at this time/ these are very rare, so its part of my permanent collection

VERY nice

personally, I don't normally care for the horizontal top tube like this, but, since I don't build frames who cares... and second, when it works... like this beautiful bike, IT WORKS!

Well done!!


i love this it just looks so classy

80's danish SCHRODER pursuit track bike

Lovely.. just lovely.

history, age etc. Try to send them the serial number and a photo. They might help you out. Red with white logos is pretty much the standard color.

hey thanks

thanks for the link. he emailed me back and he told me it may be the frame a danish rider rode in the 88 olympics. he's checking the serial #'s - sweet

no prob

Glad to help. I live right next to the shop so I literally see that paint job every day. Nice build.

I see you listened... :)

I see you listened... :)



That is...


Your collection never ceases

Your collection never ceases to amaze me!

All the Pursuit bikes I've

All the Pursuit bikes I've seen of this style (lowered TT as apposed to a sloping one) have run bullhorns. One with no drop and usually have the ends pointed to the sky or at a 45* angle at least.

; )

ehough bikes for you already?


look who's talking- it looks like we both have the bug- ha ha - and let me know if you ever decide to sell one of your cinelli track bikes or you russian takhion ?
take care,

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