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Johnny Coast, 51cm         Featured Bike! on 10/8/2012

Bike tags: Fixed gear | campagnolo | fixed | fixed gear | Johnny Coast | more tags >>
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johnny coast, 51cm. deacciai tubing; kalavinka lugs

nitto jaguar stem, aluminum deep drops

coast / campy

campy hi flange sheriff star 32 hole / mavic open pro

campy hi flange sheriff star 32 hole (w/16t eai cog) / mavic open pro

campy record pista

concor / nitto jaguar

mks custom nuevo (toshi double straps) / Izumi super toughness

49 x 16

Bike is dead

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Featured bike 2 years after

Featured bike 2 years after the user was banned! I love it.

so nice.

so nice.



Nice "collection"

Too bad you don't actually ride any of these great bikes.

Hey Scrod, grow up son,

Hey Scrod, grow up son, Pappy can ride circles around your silly dreads.

Why such a douchey comment?

Why such a douchey comment? Shouldn't you be hanging out with all of your "friends" on right now, talking about how much you love your assembly line Schwinn Madison remake? This site doesn't need the bad energy of

Oh, Keirnan

I think it's truly awesome that you have enough time on your hands to keep signing up for all these sites with different usernames just to make comments about yourself (and continue to get banned).

Your bikes are really nice but Mr. Monaghan, you are a tool. Keep up the good work.

super super clean

super super clean

such a fan

im such a fan of this bike, my next build will be like this one!

is it still for sale?

is it still for sale?

still very nice...

still very nice...

Very nice.

Very nice.

Wow !!!

perfect design, perfect proportion, ideal ...

my congrats!!!

greetings from Warsaw / POLAND

ωιεrz¢hοη      [(o)']

hang it on the

hang it on the wall
ArlieMarshall ,puttin' up my dukes and givin' a damn.

Great finish!

Great finish!

Absolute perfection

Seamless, this bike oozes class

Just added to the 10s cluster!


I love the contrast between the alloy bars, perfect white paint, and chrome frame ends. Just sublime. The bright chain helps a lot too! Beautiful.

i want to make love to that

i want to make love to that seat. clean bike!

I only have one word ...

to describe your bike. PERFECT!!!

Don't do anything else to it...

gorgeous, well done

gorgeous, well done


Yeah! You dont need us to tell you this one is sooooooo nice!


looks a lot like a paramount... very classy!


can I ask what type of vittoria tires those are? i've been looking for clinchers with skin-walls. thank you!

open corsa evo cx

open corsa evo cx

white bike

very very nice. very.

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