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Junk box hipster build

Bike tags: Single speed | Hipster | home built | single speed
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Dumpster dive rescued old Schwinn Le Tour

Cut down MTB bars w/finger savers bar ends - "Custom" stem, what ever that means...


An old wheel set I saved from a Bianchi I had once

Same as front but laced up up a coster brake hub off a junker

"Modified" stock from my parts box (read angle grinder)

Stock when I got it from the dumpster

Same as above

42 in front and what ever the back had on it off the junker

This is something I built up for the heck of it with parts laying around my shop I got tired of looking at.
It does OK around town for what it is I guess, but the seat feels strange. Also I haven't till now tried a set of bars so narrow before, but the bar ends help with extra hand positions and would protect your fingers from mirrors in close clearances if you misjudged. I'd put on a front brake, but I don't have one on hand that reaches since the frame is set up for 27 inch wheels...
I think I’ll stick with more traditional designs

UPDATE; SOLD at the 29th Annual Ann Arbor/Saline, Michigan Classic Bicycle Show and Swap Meet April 26th, 2009. One mans trash is worth 30 bucks in this case it would seem...

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that brake setup makes me want to build something similar.. that piece of chain sure is a crude solution but it looks strong enough.

Yea, its fun to experiment isn’t it?

Thanks. I would recommend that front brake though again though. You never know when you might through a chain on such a cobbled together bike. Also perhaps a better way to secure that break arm as well... I do think it gives it a certain character, though I think spreading the load out would be safer.


yeah you're right about that it can potentially be dangerous if you use an old chain.. I don't know about where you live but around here it's actually mandatory to run a front and a rear brake, except if you use a coaster brake. As a result there are countless of coaster brake bicycles around here, mostly older models, and although I'm sure it has happened I never heard of a chain snapping while braking.
The piece of chain that holds the brake arm should in my opinion be as strong as the little bracket that's welded to the chain stay on intended coaster brake bicycles. I can imagine it could create a weak spot over the course of years but hey, it's all about having fun while it lasts ;)

Junk box build

No hipster needed

Junk box build

No hipster needed

that coaster brake

is a solid mess, as they used to say. i going to have to keep an eye out for you on this thing.

i dig the handlebars. teh

i dig the handlebars. teh seat looks like it came off of a schwinn aerodyne

Yeah, I love the handlebar

Yeah, I love the handlebar hack.

i almost did that with a

i almost did that with a hybrid i owned, but i ended up selling it and getting a road bike instead.

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