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2004 Bianchi Pista         Featured Bike! on 05/27/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 57cm | aerospoke | Bianchi | campy | more tags >>
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57cm 2004 Bianchi Pista

40cm Deda/Bianchi drop bars w/ lime green Ourys and Champ grips, & 100mm 3TTT stem

BikeWorks chrome straight-blade fork & Campy Nuovo Record headset

green Vittoria Open Pave EVO CG on lime green Aerospoke

green Vittoria Open Pave EVO CG on lime green Velocity Deep V laced three-cross to 36h Gipiemme Special Pista track hub

Gipiemme 170mm Special Pista crankset & Gipiemme 109mm Pista BB

lime green Grunge Turbine saddle & Gipiemme 27.2mm seatpost

Gipiemme Special pedals with Soma Oppy XX clips and MKS double straps & silver Izumi ECO chain

17t EAI Super Track cog & 48t Gipiemme chainring

I loves me my Granny Smith.

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woah.. that thing is trippy

woah.. that thing is trippy as heck

pleasepleaseplease ride alongside a car with a black light at night sometime!

nice interpretation of the McPista


probably one of the better McPistas i've seen done. the straight fork sets it apart nicely, and extra credit is due for the Gimpy bits and for developing a fun theme without going too far overboard. (i think a colored chain would have been going too far.)

might even be one of the few bikes that would look good with white tires,...


just a guy,...

Hey do you go to LAGCC? I

Hey do you go to LAGCC? I spotted this locked up at the C building

I work there, but yeah.

I work there, but yeah.

Oh nice! I go to school

Oh nice! I go to school there and my bike always locked up in front of the M building



too many spoke cards but otherwise awesome bike

this bike would look cool with one bright green spoke card. everything else is perfect. cool bike. enjoy. ;)


I thought the Pista I used to have was great, this thing is hooked up, I had a hand made japanese lugged fork on mine, but that fork is awesome.




i want front arrospok please.

"I want front Aerospoke please."

(: Love the build.


It would probably look much better without the Ourys.


I know who you are... you are that dumb ass little girl from awhile back, that put too much money into her pista and then everyone talked shit about her so she deleted her profile... wow. nice to have you back on this site.

It's good to see that you are still too scared to put your own bikes on this website. You know what's better for your fragile little self esteem. Blair Waldorf... what a retard name pick.


say whaaat?


you read? You obviously write so you should also be able to read and comprehend the words I wrote.

You talked shit about one of my bikes saying that "only someone who doesn't know anything about bikes" would have "put this together", and here you are commenting on some ugly ass Bianchi pista with a front wheel that weighs more than the frame and hardware that is worth twice as much as the shitty frame.

Nothing against that bike... just against dumb ass little girls (or little boys that would like to be little girls) that come here and talk shit without even having bikes of their own to talk about.

Ooh i have an angry stalker!

Ooh i have an angry stalker! How exciting! Please dont let my comment ruin your life. Move on already.


Angry? Not even. I love this crap. Highly entertaining.


this is such a toolbag piece of shit


sick as fuck


where did u get the gpm group set. you shoulda bought gpm tecno rims 4.22 mm of deep dish badness

same question

same question

Gipiemme groupset

The Gipiemme components were purchased separately at various times and places; I got the hubs off Ebay a couple years ago from some dude in Sweden, pedals+BB (and Cronosprint crankset, which was later sold) from someone on sffixed, crankset from Ebay, and seatpost off a friend of mine who got it off Ebay.

you like those tires ive

you like those tires ive been thinking about getting some for some v's im building

They're OK; the green

They're OK; the green doesn't stay bright for very long, and they don't hold up to skidding all that well -- after a couple months of occasional skidding, I had threads showing in a bunch of spots.

as seen in front of SFSU

as seen in front of SFSU humanities building!


please let me know where you got that grunge saddle. OBS? LBS?

that saddle is sold at

that saddle is sold at generic sport stores in japan. Nothing special.

Grunge saddle

Got it on Ebay via the Drif LA store. They pop up from time to time, but usually via Japanese sellers.


duo-chromatic, stickerless.

thank you,


you've won this round . . .

you've won this round, the pedals clinched it.

have you seen this yet?

green chain - for the win!
if only i could figure out how to place an order

FTW indeed

Ha, well, have you seen these tires? WANT. About those chains, I see green chains like those pop up on eBay from time to time but they're usually ridiculously expensive.

Ive got a Lime Green Selle

Ive got a Lime Green Selle Italia Saddle....

..In the bay we like to get hyphy..

i like

wow awesome. could be one of the nicest pista builds ive seen.

awesome saddle and hubs

pretty bike man! hey where

pretty bike man!
hey where did you find the world champion stripe finishing tape?

The world champion stripe

The world champion stripe finishing tape came with the Casiraghi handlebar tape.




nice 36 hole setup with gip hubs...such a yummy lookin it would taste like a lime sour warhead!

my eyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeees!!!

oh my god, that shit's awesome.

You got to coordinate!!!

"See the mushroom belt, it matches the jacket" Boomerang, 1994ish.

One of the nicer Pista's I've seen, replacement of the stock fork with a track setup definitely seems to improve the profile of these units.


I bet they can see the Gamma rays miles before you arrive! Definitely eye catching.

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