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A Bike You'll Probably Laugh At

Bike tags: Commuter | old schwinn | Shimano 3 speed hub | steel frame
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Schwinn electro forged steel, ? Sport, 21", found at thrift store

junk box @ hub bike co-op


steel 26 x 1 3/8 off an AMF "Nimble" mixte

the same


another transplant from the AMF

good new chain, junk pedals

39t chain ring x 19t on Shimano 3 speed hub

Schwinn Suburban fenders, "Nimble" chain guard, paint job coming up. This guy is heavy (41 lbs.), slow, and doesn't climb hills well. But there's just something about it! Brand new rack brought the total price just over 0. It's a little different now. My campus rat bike, unstolen for months.

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good to see its not wrapped

good to see its not wrapped in cotton wool during the harsher months! enjoy. ,

Hey man, nothing wrong with

Hey man, nothing wrong with a solid bike. As long as you love to ride, ride what you love.

Great photo

I love the snow in this photo. Creating a bike for free is killer. I have a friend that built a tandem bike from all found parts. It's got personality plus.


I don't understand how it is possible, even with the rack, fenders and giant seat,to make that bike 41 pounds. Enlighten me! Solid steel frame? Inflate the wheels with cement? Both?

I guess the antitheft bit is pretty sweet! Let the hipsters laugh! That way, you can laugh when their njs certified bike is nicked or their frame cracks while landing a barspin and they get to buy a new one while you get to keep riding!

I laughed..

but it's a good bike and if it works for you.. go for it !


Nothing wrong with your build. When snow comes, you don't want to get an expensive bike rusty. I hope to find a cheap bike for the winter and do the same thing.

smiling but not laughing

f'n cool is what i say. be proud of your build. i'm building a bike right now out of throw a way parts. go build another one.

Nothing funny about utility!

Nice find! I love it. You're right there is something about it.
Don't paint it!

far too practical

that's why the hipster posers laugh at it...

I think

Its cute!

XXX Miss Stephanye the
Single Speed Deamon

hahah hooo man

long live teh mighty schwinn!


and laughs


No one is willing to "friend" this bicycle. Now, THAT, is cold!
Is that why it is in the snow?

Live Free and Ride Hard!

Laughing? Never.

The frame looks like a Continental. I have a yellow one that is about to go under the wrench.

I'll bet alloy wheels, no chainguard and polycarbonate fenders will lighten things up.

The seat might even account for about 3 pounds. :)

Nothing to laugh at...

Now if you ride this bike in a lycra unitard, that's funny!

tee hee hee

snicker, chortle & guffaw!


Seriously, old Schwinns rock!

My bikes:

Ha Ha Ha!

This guys got a point! After nuclear war there will be 2" analog tape, peeps, and old Schwinns. There bombproof!

he he he he he!


hahahahaha :-)

hahahahaha :-)



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