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Bareknuckle No 27

Bike tags: Track bike | 52cm | Bareknuckle | Chris King | DTW | more tags >>
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52cm BareKnuckle

B-201 or B-123 and Thomson Elite 90x15d

Bareknuckle and Chris King Sotto Voce

Fusion to Phil Wood

Fusion to Phil Wood

Sugino 75

Flite and Thomson Elite

Sylvan w. Toshi and HKK Vertex

Euro-Asia Deluxe/ 48x17

Parted out. :(

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For sale?

For sale?

for the right price..

..everything I own is for sale. ;)


What is still for sale? Love the bike, trying to upgrade parts at the moment.

What is your front tire in

What is your front tire in the photo against the light brown wall...?


just a shitty kenda that came off the stock windsor hour wheel set, i believe.


represent...the mitten state!

I try..

..and it's the murder mitten if you're hardcore. haha

Nice bike

Thats a really nice bike you put together. The components mix very well. Have a good ride.


track bikes=track bars...youll learn to love em

handsome bike

i vote drops



this thing is teh fuckin

this thing is teh fuckin tits man, soo jealous.


Haha..Thanks man!


can totally relate with the toe overlap issue.

i ride a 52cm knuckle too. thinking of switching over to eggbeaters or some other solution to eliminate that problem.

but i have been told/it has been my experience so far that overlap is only an issue at lower speeds so *shrugs*


..I think you're right. The tire doesn't come anywhere near my foot while turning at any speed above slow as shit. And I definitely hope my toe doesn't find that tire while strapped in going fast. EEEKKKK. But yeah eggbeaters might work, or if you want to stayed strapped I'm thinking smaller clips might work. I moved my foot back on the pedal without being strapped in and my toe cleared the wheel. So yeah, I might try that.

toe overlap

toe overlap sux

You're not kidding..

..I don't like it one bit. It makes for some embarrassing falls too.


Oh yes. On my old langster, I had really bad toe overlap. One time I was talking to a girl and then had to get going and almost flipped over my bars right in front of her. It was pretty lame hahaha.

Thankfully, my affinity has no toe overlap. Never again shall I be undermined by the dynamic duo of toe overlap and me not paying attention!

Super nice! If your

Super nice! If your Bareknuckle was not so small, I would ask if you wanted to do a trade for mine! Haha!

How do you like that seat? I road it for awhile, but prefer the Fizik Arione over the mountain bike Aliante. It's quite abit lighter, longer and I find it more comfortable after it breaks in.

Thanks man..

...but I couldn't even trade you if my bike wasn't mini. Your BK has too much style. It wouldn't even be a fair trade.

But as for the Aliante, so far so good. It's like the cheapest version they make so I'm sure it can't compare to the better models but I don't have anything to complain about so far. I've only rode it for a few miles but it's already way more comfy than my San Marco Rolls. That thing hated me. I was originally going to go with the Arione but I found this Aliante for dirt cheap and I think the smaller size looks better with my small frame. I'll have to do some longer rides and then let you know how much I like it. ha

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