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the ring         Featured Bike! on 04/13/2011

Bike tags: Track bike
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groundupdesigns - copper plated, fillet brazed steel. columbus downtube and seat stays, dedaccia top and seat tube, custom drawn

thompson stem, deda aluminum pista bar, black lace and grey cotton cloth cyclepro tape.

groundupdesigns fillet brazed and copper plated fork, columbus blades, campagnolo record head set.

custom zipp with 28 hole american classic hub, continental sprinter tire.

zipp 950 disk, custom rattlecaned, continental sprinter tire.

campy record pista, 68X 111 mm

old flight with skull beads, thompson 27.2 seatpost.

look with the tension all the way cranked with black fixed cleats, izumi njs brass plated keirin chain

wouldnt you like to know what gear im racing in- that information is strictly classified.-a big stack of duraace rings and cogs

this is my personal racing bike. it is my one hundred fifteenth custom frame. there was a good spirit built into it as i dont even remember making it. it is called the ring because the seatstay bridge is a ring.
the chainstays are milled out for lightness and i also made the dropouts out of 4340 steel on a cnc milling machine. this bike is worth about 4 thousand usd. sorry for the sticker shock.
one other thing- this bike is hard to take pics of! ya gotta see this thing up close to fully appreciate it.
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Gear Ratio

The frame looks like a six footer couldn't ride it. The gear ratio. Makes me curious!

Nice ride!

..The Mighty Chewbacca Approves this Message!

Shine on, high altitude handyman.

You are the chosen one. May the winds of four thousand whatevers carry you into infinity on a wave of masterfully crafted handbuilt shit. Seriously...not a track fan here, but this is something to muse over. Extremely intense to behold by bike lovers and Bob Vilas alike. Best wishes.


I agree.


The copper plating is fantastic. Love this bike. Good job!

the ring?

is radical...



beautiful bike eric.

beautiful bike eric. seriously.

I've seen a couple of the trials builds you've done for peeps in Colorado (kevin, pancho, etc.) and your frames never cease to amaze me.


I am drooling.

What an amazing bike. The whole thing is just great. I would trade my soul for this bike :D.




this matches almost perfectly the idea of the perfect bike to me

The copper plate is f*cking

The copper plate is f*cking hot. I love the look of this bike, its like something Rambo would ride. A real battleship.


Copper plate! omigod

Too cool. I'll never look at a penny the same way again. Get out your Brasso and give it a rub.

nice ride


Rambos bike fuh real

Canon and m60 w/ mount sold separately!! ;)

sweet ride

my god, those wheels!

I totally agree with the Rambo thing.

Those wheels, also, are definitely the most attractive that I have ever seen or could ever possibly conceive of in one million years.

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