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TTsf TK2

Bike tags: Fixed gear | black | fixed | hed | TK2
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Felt TK2

vision / cinelli integralter

crane creek



FSA carbon

selle italia / miche

speedplay /izumi

18t x 49

my commuter bike, modify the vision handle bars. moved the cinelli integralter bars to my ti cyclocross single speed rainy day commuter. the generic stem is going to be replaced with a cinelli alter soon.

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where did you find those

where did you find those integralter bars? are they 1 1/8? would you sell them?

I use a rear Hed 3 for my newest commuter....

....which is a Y-foil. I ride my bikes like I drive my cars - fast. Would be nice to have this muh'fugga for a rainy day...sunny day... anyday!


Commuting on HED3's and vision aero base bars (wooo one uncomfortable hand position, but they look so COOOOOOL!) is like using a F1 car for parallel parking practice.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

it looks cool my friend

haters worry about other peoples bikes. sheesh. get over it and ride in peace....

I don't care what you do with you bike.

Its totally nasty regardless. Nice Build.

what a waste.

what a waste.

Youre an idiot

I joined velospace just to tell you how big of an idiot you are. Really, this is your commuter...and the Ti cyclocross bike is your rainy day ride? Get over yourself. Everyone is seriously impressed with how much money you spent on your bikes. Try to ride one of these in my neighborhood (not even just lock it up) and see how fast you get jacked, consider that an open invite to the South Side of Chicago

So what if he spent a lot of money on his bike?

I don't get it, people spend ridiculous amounts of money on overbuilt, over-powered sports cars all the time to idle through traffic and no one every says anything. But someone spends a bit of money on some nicely engineered parts for his bike and the haters on this site go into fits of rage.

You should get over YOURSELF, haterade, and come to terms with the fact that people have always liked to buy nice gear, doesn't matter whether it's golf clubs or running shoes or bike parts. If you have the money I see nothing wrong with that.

You joined velospace just to post that comment? Get a life...

chill the fuck out

dude, he has the money, obviously loves the sport, has good taste, put together some rad bikes, and you cant so you cry. get over it dude.


I don't get it. Are you trying to scare him by inviting him to the South Side? I used to live in Pilsen, and I hang out with my friends in Bridgeport all the time. Not scary at all.


+1 i just rode my bike to indiana and back through the south side. the only harassment i got was chicks commenting on my boxers.

Evergreen Park is a suburb

Technically speaking.

let people do what they want

let people do what they want to do..

jealous idiots

sell drugs?

sell drugs?

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