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Pursuit Madness         Featured Bike! on 11/11/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Araya
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Whoa! Those front spokes are wild. So rad.

I'm just annoyed that you

I'm just annoyed that you didn't give us the specs to that contraption.
It's honestly terrific.
I've been liking these triple triangle frames since I started riding.
props, mate.

wow haha

hahaha genius, crazy design. logical geometry. i been staring at it to see if there's any odd looking joints, but i think everything looks sensible. lol. verdict: a bit weird but cool enough to make it less awkward.

wow this is a dream set up

for me. id love to find one of these frames. any luck???

You're riding too hard man

You're riding too hard man you streched your bars!! Sweet Build!


If that top tube was curved, it would be perfect :)

God I love it

A work of art.



Amazing bike!I can only

Amazing bike!I can only imagine how smooth the ride is

good joke

good joke


worth the stable discussion of who what when where and why.

I think...

I think that whoever built this must have just been trying to get the seat stays parallel to the downtube... Definitely one of the most interesting frames I've seen.

What are those drops?

What are those drops?


Man, those drops are low! Sexy!

Epically beautiful.

Epically beautiful.

Do some of these people know

Do some of these people know you to know this bike is "too big?" It doesn't look that big...

your seatpost

is suppose to be a certain length out of the frame not dropped all the way down
but i hadn't noticed the fame gets cut off at the seatpost
it just looks wacky with the seat floating ontop of the frame

by far

the best triple triangle frame I have ever seen

looks like

a custom built frame intended to be like that. those ergo track drops def. need to be tilted up a bit though. it kinda looks like it has normal track geo if you gave it a horizontal tt. looks wierd, but i really dig it.


The single most beautiful bike I have seen on this site, or any site for that matter. Congrats, much envied.

youre kidding me..

youre kidding me..


is way too big for you


holy fuck this bike is intense!
those bars are something insane.

OMG is that way to big for

OMG is that way to big for you or is it supposed to be that way??

it was designed that way

this is not too big

just asking. havent seen

just asking. havent seen that kind of design before.

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