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Bianchi Pista Concept 6 spoke         Featured Bike! on 03/23/2011

Bike tags: Fixed gear | HED HEAD HED brooks
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Pista Concept







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bummer wave bro

you have 800 in wheels a 200 saddle, what appear to be purple ano 75's which is a horrible waste of money (+500 min for cranks/bb),

so basically what im getting at is this, your bike is worth close to 2500, and you made the poor thing look like a fucking batman villain instead of a dedicated speed machine.

congratulations, you have wasted more money than anyone else ive seen on velospace yet.

oh yeah, and your chain is

oh yeah, and your chain is hella slack. i hope you tighten that before you ruin your rear wheel


just what u wanted.. all this attention... yellow, brown, green, black, white, silver. feeeel the rainbowww...

i'm sure anything in excess of 20mph is a twitch fest w/ that 40mm stem. i feel sorry for the boredom you put your hed3s' through.


yeah man, this is the saddest looking bike i have ever much money, yet so ugly.... pista concepts are an awesome bike, why tarck it???




fucking awesome...............

Ya bro.....

when this frame snaps from being so tarck are you going to buy another with your trust fund?

I second this. Damn indians,

I second this.
Damn indians, i'm growing fond

color scheme

is amazing



Part of me says poor bike,



thumbs up...

Part of me says poor bike,

Part of me says poor bike, but part of me likes this space machine.

Super hip, breh!

O_O wow....does the paint

O_O wow....does the paint job glow in the dark?


no it doesn't


seen you in pedal mafia ...always thought this bike sick man ...



cranks are so nice!

cranks are so nice!

His sugino 75's are so

His sugino 75's are so nice?
thats all you could come up with?


glow in the dark paintjob?


inspired by the joker? Or by ninja turtles? I really like the purple color on the fork, it would be sick if the entire bike was that purple color.

Kick the saddle!!!

Kick the saddle!!!It doesnt flow!!!Fast bike with a Brooks. Look into a Fizik...White Pista Concept Tempe AZ

Very nice! It's odd how the

Very nice!

It's odd how the purple Sugino cranks don't match the same color as the Sugino ring.

i'm thinking

it's the lighting


not the light, its off a little

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