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Anchor         Featured Bike! on 08/19/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | aerospoke njs
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Really nice bike!

Really nice bike!

but haters here...


I hope you only ride this to raves


This bike is only acceptable in japan...



Absolutely repulsive.

Absolutely repulsive. Everything from the bars, to the seat angle, to the little stars, crappy pedals with plastic clips, and of course the Aerospoke on the REAR (You never want to run a rear aerospoke). This bike is horrid.

On another note, it's a fucking beautiful frame.


daddy's little hipster.

you must love wasting money.

you must love wasting money.

Interesting build.

I too got many comments when I had bars like that. I'm sure you get comments on both ends of the spectrum. I sure it's a fun ride!




If it makes you happy then it cant be that bad.

these bars

are ridiculous! i like the stars on the spokes too ;D


I like your bike, If I see you riding around, I will say hi!
世田谷公園 行きますか?


Nice bike :)

I love it, actually... Japan

I love it, actually... Japan does as Japan wants. They have their own style.

one of the best track frames

one of the best track frames ever build, and man did you ruin this thing.. I dont even understand how those handlebars work , the rear pink aerospoke is just stupid, and you have a low end drive train on a very high end frame... I know that pink plastic kashimax saddle feels terrible, there are padded pink saddles out there..



pardon me,


please .

lol WAT? well if you have

lol WAT?

well if you have the money, make yourself happy I guess.

When my girl saw your bike...

she liked it.

I think the bike is sick, but plastic pedals? People are gonna hate cause you have this and they are riding leaders hahaha.

I was going to ask do you ride this on the track but seeing you have that aerobrick i highly doubt that.

Props tho.

no comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

darth pinkster!!

awe some bike!


god i hate this bike, but fuck. that is the most pissed looking frame of all time.

*DISCLAIMER* I normally

I normally think people should ride what ever the hell they want, as long as the ride it.

Until now. Seriously. What the hell? Seriously. Why? Because you can? Because it's ironic? Jesus Christ. There are starving people out there, and this was built. Hmmm, should I feed all of Ethiopia or build up a retarted bastard of a Bridgestone with a pink erraspawk? I just lost a few brain cells.

i lose brain cells every day

smoking bud

you'll be alright

Touche :D

Touche :D

I just threw up

I just threw up in my mouth a bit.

Best Bike In The World.


i mean it best bike ever, ever.

where the hell did you find an anchor frame so cheaply to warrant this excellence.

Looks alone

its fresh.

All you have to do now is

remove aerospoke, replacing with matching zipp, adjust saddle, remove pink stars from zipp, replace chain, remove mutant stem and affix appropriate threaded stem, replace useless bars with working drops and you will have a terrific looking bike. sorry for the callouts, I just have a hard time seeing such a nice frame so inappropriately built.

Dude you can only control

Dude you can only control your bike. Stop trying to impose your will. It's great to see people building different bikes.

you see

if we were all the same life would be boring,


yeah but dude's right, that

yeah but dude's right, that shit's just sad.

maybe you're raw at the track, but the non-track specific cranks and platform pedals with toe clips would lead me to believe otherwise.

spoke thingies

are a nice subtle touch



i want this bike soooo

i want this bike soooo badly. i love the blacked out crankset, groove and zipp. very freaking cool, even if it does look like a bmx bike.

really? pink?

you put a pink aerospoke on that amazing frame. im just jealous you have that money to throw around.




pretty much my thought exactly...

i really

don't understand the handlebars...


this bike is beautiful i love everything about this bike


thank you

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