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My 1962 (?) Bianchi

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Bianchi 1965 (?) Specialissima (?)

3ttt stem, Cinelli Giro d'Italia handlebar

Bianchi fork, Campagnolo Record headset

Nisi 32-spoke, Campagnolo Record hub

Nisi 32-spoke, Campagnolo Record hub

Campagnolo Record

Brooks Professional saddle, Campagnolo seatpost

Campagnolo Record pedals, Regina chain

Campy Record

I am Italian and live in Milan, still this beauty gets a lot of attention. My pride+joy, I use it to commute daily to/from work (20km each way), bought it from a friend and slowly added Campy bits and the Brooks Saddle (Grazie Paolo). BTW my wife is now jealous.
More info: I went to visit maestro Alberto Masi at his workshop in the Vigorelli velodrome in Milan. He recognised the hand of Gilardi as the builder of the bike, which by the way is from the Reparto Corse, and likely to be from 1962.

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Added to Bianchi di celeste cluster

I friended this bike years ago; I can't believe I left it out of the cluster for so long. Smack me for being stupid...

Jealous Rage

My best friend's X-wife took a hammer to his Falcon/Eddy Merckx and rendered it scrap metal.To this day I commend him for his self control. A jealous women will strike out at either a mans beloved possesion or his nuts.Do be careful my friend.


o. my. goodness.

1962 Bianchi

Exquisite Bianchi! I love the Bianchis from that era.


one of my favorite bianchis on here for sure. looks damn good for a 1965

Now That Is My Kind of Bike


i adore this bike: elegant,

i adore this bike: elegant, charming, celestial....
bianchi historicity and sixties aesthetics! fabulous!

looking at this bike

just makes me smile.

beautiful bike. classic and

beautiful bike.
classic and elegant

very nice! have you got it

very nice! have you got it from your grandfather? :-) i never liked bianchi, but this one is amazing...


No, from my mate Paolo, vintage bikes' great mogul.

By the way, can anybody shed some light on the bike's age and model? I guessed them by looking on some Japanese guy's webpage, but I (and he) could be wrong (and there are differences between his and mine).


Have you posted your question to the Classic Rendezvous crowd? You may already know this, but the list is a great place to discuss vintage (only pre-1983 and KOF) bicycles. You can search the archives here:


beautiful! great condition! probably the nicest oldest bianchi i've seen on this site.

1965 integrated headset?

1965 integrated headset? that's intense

huzzah! everything old is new again!

that was bianchi's steezo back then. not very practical.

think so?

Maybe it is not practical, but a non-integrated headset doesn't look as good, in my opinion.

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