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2008 fuji track pro 54cm "murdered out"         Featured Bike! on 03/22/2010

Bike tags: Track bike | 54cm | aerospoke | concor | fixedgear | more tags >>
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2008 fuji track pro

nitto drops/oury grips - thompson elite

FC- 770 fuji carbon - cane creek

h+ son rim - pauls hub


sugino 75 - campagnolo

san marco concor - thompson elite

mks custom nuevo/mks clips/toshi straps - kmc

46 - 17

addicted to this thing!!

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what's the material on your

what's the material on your concor? I have one but the leather seems kinda stiff and without much grain to it, thinkin I got a cheaper model but I took it off for a Rolles instead, much better ride for my ass health :P

the concor is so comfortable

the concor is so comfortable dude...... the material is suede, which is kinda like what you're explaining !!

i love it though !!

looks good minus that white

looks good minus that white chain.

cheers dude.... but i aint a

cheers dude.... but it aint a white chain, its just the way the flash has caught it at night !!


love the look of this beast. looks like it would be fun to lurk on


that saddle...nice build

san marco concor

san marco concor supercorsa...... sweet to ride - thanks !!


very clean bike...lovin the geometry fa sho

Is the front rime a Sun

Is the front rime a Sun Swift?


its a H+son

murdered out son!

murdered out son!

sorry mate, but im not

sorry mate, but im not familiar with the phrase "murdered out" !?!? id like to think its a good thing, lol !!


I wish I wasn't familiar with this phrase. It's generally uttered by idiots. Nothing like bringing this stupid gimmick to the world of bikes. Good job.

I'll bet that ugly aero seat cluster area allows you to commit an extra few murders a night on this bike!

stop being such an idiot yourself

just because you're not used to using the same language doesn't mean you have to slam anybody else for using it, and who the fuck made you the dictator of what can and can't be included into your exclusive world of bikes? you don't even have a pic up of your ride so get lost already spreading all that negativity. oh...and wtf was the committing a few murders at night comment about? obviously you DON'T know the meaning of the phrase...just means everything is black.

and rsvp, don't let douches like nayr497 tell you what to do (on this forum OR in life) haters gon hate and riders gon ride...i'm lovin your whip but i'd go with "All Black Everything" rather than "Murdered Out" myself ; )

ive actually changed the

ive actually changed the name of it anyway now, so it better mean good !?!? lol !!

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