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Wooden Fixed Gear Bike         Featured Bike! on 10/28/2011

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Wooden Fixed gear bike
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18mm Baltic birch

Cinelli handlebars

Custom fabricated



Durace ace crank set, custom fabricated bottom bracket

Masi, CNC custom drilled seat post


18tooth, drilled to be fastened to shimano MTB front disc hub

This is a bike I completed last year with the help of Rob and Rick and the Bicycle Depot in Toronto. The head seat, bottom bracket, seat post, fork crown, rear hub have all been custom fabricated by various friends. The biggest challenge was the rear chain stay and chain alignment. Nevertheless, it has been a great learning experience and hope everyone enjoys it.

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Very Cool

I think it's a great looking bike and very creative, but my only draw back for me is how bulky and thick it seems to look how would it effect the frame strength if you were to slim it down? and have you experimented with with other types of wood.

did you ever get over of

did you ever get over of your insecurities?




i really wanna ride a bike now this bike is cool but i think its not durable enough

thanks anyway


Hi Johnny, I rode the bike

Hi Johnny,

I rode the bike last summer for over 50km, without any mechanical failures. In fact, it was quite a smooth, subtle ride.



so is there or is there not a storage compartment for parts?



You sir are (as we say in

You sir are (as we say in London) an absolute "nuttah". I mean this in a good way. This is the weirdest, most sanely insane bike I have seen, including all those crazy Japanese futuristic designs. Excellent!

How does she handle and how often are you on to speak!

He that knows nothing will believe anything.

I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker.

Hi there...I rode the bike

Hi there...

I rode the bike last summer just about 50km. It was such a dream to ride, as the wood has a natural tendency to absorb any road vibrations.
Thanks for looking.



That is crazy!
That has to be the most creative bike i have seen so far.
This bike is amazing!

how much does that thing

how much does that thing weigh?

just over 31 lbs. If I were

just over 31 lbs.
If I were to do it again, there are definite areas where I can reduce some mass, as there are internal steel components than can be lightened.

how much

does it weigh? Just curious because you are using wheels without many spokes.


those 6 bolt hubs are the future of fixed gear, no more worrying about stripped hubs, i already stripped one /:



Is there an opening or door

Is there an opening or door somewhere to hold a pump and spare tire? It seems like there would be plenty of room.

how about burying a bike

how about burying a bike pump in your ass.


WTF was that? You, sir, are an asshole..

read me comment below, and

read me comment below, and you'll understand.
Asshole...maybe sometimes.


Jesus Christ, relax you psychopath. It wasn't a criticism, it was an innocent question about its design.

"innocent question about its

"innocent question about its design"...not quite. You are definetly mocking the design when you asked if there's an "opening or a door somewhere to hold a pump or spare tire". In essence you are commenting about the shear size of the frame. You didn't have to be a smart ass about it, and knock the bike.

You are a deeply insecure

You are a deeply insecure person. That was not at all the gist of my question. I can't see every angle of your bike. I was asking if you put to good use (as I would have) the extra space afforded you by the frame. With no brakes there is no cable to route internally, but you could have used that space for a pump or spare tire. THAT was my question, you paranoid ass.

If that was your question,

If that was your question, then why didn't you phrase it that way. Second, you say "as I would have". I've heard alot of "should have, would have, could have". These are the people who stand in the way of other people's passion, skill and ability.

Haha this guy was so fucking

Haha this guy was so fucking paranoid. It's ridiculous.

He DID phrase it that way!

"Is there an opening or door somewhere to hold a pump and spare tire?" does not necessarily imply any criticism at all. How the heck else was he supposed to frame [heh!] an innocent question, if not as an innocent question?!? You ARE being an insecure arse, not only for jumping down his throat in the first place, but above all for continuing to do so after he explained that he was just asking.

So, the answer -- which you still haven't got around to providing, so I'm guessing -- apparently was "no", but now that the possibility was pointed out you got so angry with yourself for not thinking of it that you had to take that anger out on someone else? Been there, done that... The trick is to realise it, stop it, and back off: You'll only feel good about this after you've scraped together the integrity to say "Nope, I didn't think of that" (or "I thought of that but found it too tricky to build", or whatever the case might be); and, of course, apologized for your behaviour.

But, hey, you wanna be seen as an arsehole, just go right on behaving like one. Been there, done that, too. See if it makes you feel any better.


Seriously. WTF is wrong with you?

cool but...

2nd: rename your photos, other peoples bikes are coming up.

Thanks for the rename

Thanks for the rename issue.
I'll get some drive pics soon.

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