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"Grandad" thrasher.. prelude to a fixie

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off the kerb special. Mid 80s 10speed no-name cheapie

flipped and chopped 42cm drops. no-name stem.

OCLV Carbon fork - primarily to run 700c front wheel with a brake

no-name 700 rim, exage hub. exage dual pivot brake - I know, I know.. I was getting a bit extravagant with that....

mavic 700 rim, cheapie no name BMX hub (kerb special)

175 Sora, 107mm no-name b/bracket

Indi 500 kerb special

kerb specials. new kmc 1/8" chain

46T Rocket chainring (new) 16T Cheapie BMX freewheel - you guessed it from the kerb.

Rescued from the kerbside... I actually saw the previous owner, and old bloke, wheel it out with a "free" sign on it. Hence 'Grandad'

Recently reincarnated as a second thrasher machine. Also putting my chainline theory to the practical test before investing in some more specific parts for a fixie.

I actually commutted on this beast through several mods for a couple of months, until the old cheap adjustable cup bottom bracket disintegrated on me - which was reason enough to pull my finger out on the Surly Cross-check and get it finished :D
Once the Surly was cruising, Grandad was reborn as you see here with the yellow & black flair.

**** Update 25th Jan: He's dead, Jim.... structural failure on a slight uphill. Undoubtedly due in no small part to my very dodgy job of grinding off the down-tube cable stops. Oh well.. the frame shall return to whence it came - the verge.

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Natural selection...

"structural failure on a slight uphill. Undoubtedly due in no small part to my very dodgy job of grinding off the down-tube cable stops"

Natural selection... God don't like it when people do that to road bikes man, do the math!

hahaha agreed , i did that

hahaha agreed , i did that once on a crap crap crap bike
i immediately regretted it , poor bike it was like neutering a old dog

poster child for the "why

poster child for "why fixie conversions are dangerous".

If the frame is not made it, don't use it for it. You wouldn't use a road frame for a mountain bike conversion, would you?

the breaking has nothing to

the breaking has nothing to do with it being a conversion. he said it was because of his grinding job.

Cool! A folding fixie! How

Cool! A folding fixie!
How did you do the bottle cap bar caps?

Ah... the bar-end bottle

Ah... the bar-end bottle caps.

I actually tried gluing the caps on to the cheapie bar end plugs that came with the tape. From recollection I don't think I had too much success and I had to somehow remove the plastic inner lining of the cap in order to get the glue to hold. I think I tried burning it out with metho 8|

But I am not sure, really.. they might have been lightly crimped onto the ends of the bar-tape partially as well. I don't think they were particurlarly firm either way from memory.


glad you lived. that which does not kill you leaves you with scars on your elbows, knees and ankles which take forever to heal.
ride smrt

funnily enough...

.. the down tube snapped as shown and I just slowly sagged to the ground, with plenty of time to put my feet on the ground. The top tube acted as a dampner. Maybe had I been riding with clips/clipless I might've had a different experience.

I had to carry the bike to the side of the road, stand back and scratch my head for a bit before I worked out what had happened.

hey humber! i like it when

hey humber! i like it when colours match on a bike, real sweet ride. how's perth? coogee here!

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