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nitto b-123/ thomson stem 90mm

bianchi track fork/ cane creek is

rolf vector pro

slotted phil wood/ h plus son rim/ bladed spokes

sugino 75/ hatta R9400

rin project/ thomson elite

mks custom nuevo gold w/toshi doubles / kmc superlight

phil wood cog 47/19

sik mate

sik mate

Very clean set up...dope

Very clean set up...dope bike

im thinking about getting a

im thinking about getting a h+son for the rear whats your review on it..does it feel hella flimsy?

h plus accountability

well it all depends on what your doing with ur bike......i dont jump stairs or curbs with mine...but so far it rides smooth and feels stiff...i do however have a pretty good wheel built to go along with the hplus..i have mines setup on phils with bladed spokes for xtra strenght & stiffness...†overall i think this rim will hold up to the abuse that you'll put it through...

love it

good job.

how does the saddle feel?

how does the saddle feel?

super comfy....i would

super comfy....i would mostly likely buy another one...but maybe in avoid the jean stains....


sickest pista on this site.........clean job...looks like this bike floats........


Sickkkk!! Turned out awesome. That front wheel is sick. What is you H-son laced to? Just answered my own question (Phil) How much did you pay for that back wheel. That is exactly what I am looking for right now....I have a white H-son brand new laced to a High Flange Dura Ace...If you want to whit out your wheel set let me know. We can trade....I probably could cick you a few bucks as well...

rear wheel? cost too much...

the rear wheel is actually a custom PHIL...high flanged double fixed...which is retailed to around 250..but i got it special ordered where its bladed...that cost me an extra 30.. and a 3 week waiting period...the rim is H PLUS which u can get for maybe around 115 ...
what cost alot is the bladed spokes...the store that i got it built from NYC velo got me DT SWISS spokes since they basically are like the only ones that make em in black. The retail for the spokes comes out to around 6 bucks a piece..and you can only order em , in packs of 20s...however, since i basically got this whole bike built by them they gave me a brake and only charged me for the 32 spokes that i needed with the cost of 4.75 each which then ran me to 150 wheel basically cost me 600 plus, give or take thats excluding cog, tires, tube and labor.. too much money if you ask me..but this wheel is ultimately strong..and its one of a kind...i appreciate the offer but i think ill stick with it...

your wheel cost basically as

your wheel cost basically as much as my cannondale frameset...

shoulda paid cash

shoulda paid cash

Ditch the flat bars!!!

Ditch the flat bars, You should throw some Sugino Cranks on there and maybe a Carbon wheel. Other than that obvously you take pride in your shit. You will set it up and soon realize what you want to change on it, probably spend more than you want but can always sell whatever you put on it for how much you bought it for if not more. Its an Asset....SSIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!

up and coming parts

yea i got black sugino cranks with zen chainring coming ..and a phil wood rear built on H PLUS RIM. ..i was thinking bout getting drop bars..these bars were given to me by my friend..soo i just slapped it on for the mean time...


Get Drops for sure. Compact drops... Deep drops, like the Deda's are good for big (tall) sprinters on the track. But for anything else, guys are all racing compact drops on the track. Look at all the photos on You will be stoked. Way better for street also. IMO


I got rid of my rear Aerospoke and got a Celeste Deep v to a Phil. I just got a new njs hkk Vertex Chain, and fuckin a new front Carbon 4 spoke Corima. It should be all put together by the weekend and then I am calling it quits....Keep riding!!

Thats gunna look sick as

Thats gunna look sick as phuck

What a bunch of haters. I

What a bunch of haters. I like these frames. You're gonna have fun!


Right on! they are such fun bikes. Build it how ever you want, and post the progress. I have pictures of all my parts next to the frame before I built it, they are classic. I just flat sanded my entire frame down.(I have pictures I'll post.) My Concept is going to be Gloss Black. My friend is shooting it tomorrow. Any way, ignore the kooks, and enjoy building your bike.





it aint a bike. It is a

it aint a bike. It is a mediocre frame with a cool front wheel.

coming from a guy with a

coming from a guy with a fuji track? really?

you DEFINATELY should have taken the wheel apart before painting it.



why even paint rolf wheels..

why even paint rolf wheels.. put them on another bike and just buy some white wheels... if your willing to shell out cash for that frame... whats another set of wheels..

i mean ...

the pista concept is a great track frame. it just has a bad rap because people spend way too much for these second hand because they're "cool". And the white rolf wheel looks sweet I just hope you don't hit a pot hole and ruin it.

ride it till it falls off

it is what it is..i just ride man...this is a daily commuter bike for me...soo if i get a few months or years from it ..its worth the money i paid for it....but at the same time i do try to take care of my stuff.....but good lookin out though.... appreciate the feedbacks....

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