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2009 EAI/Toyo Godzilla

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2009 EAI/Toyo Godzilla

Nitto B259, Dimension

Godzilla, Aheadset

Phil Wood low flange, bladed spokes, Araya semi-aero 650c

Mavic Ellipse

Sugino 75, Sugino 75

NOS Concor, Nitto SP72

MKS GR-9, Izumi V

EAI Gold 16T, (49T chainring)

risers/650 is the daily set up for commuting/freestyle (and everything besides the track). Drop stem/Nitto B123/Mavic Ellipse front for racing/track. Check out my shop, Ace Metric, here in downtown Orlando, FL. 407-286-0417.

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man, that looks really good.

man, that looks really good.

Hey, I just got a godzilla

Hey, I just got a godzilla myself, same color too, i really like what you did with the purple/gold scheme, really nice.

One question for you: which MKS chain tensioners did you use? I have the smaller (5mm) ones and I am finding them to be a tight fit. any advice? thanks in advance.

Eric Baumann - Photographer -

just saw this same frame set

just saw this same frame set in person the other day at a local bike shop. really sick, dude.

damn blackshaw

she's lookin' faaaaast these days. hope to see you soon, buddy.

hey where did you buy that

hey where did you buy that frame?

oh blackshaw i want those

oh blackshaw i want those mavics damnit., but i dont have the mad hook up. hope to see you soon.

cute white toms fag

cute white toms fag


not me in the photo asshole

nice color combo. How's the

nice color combo. How's the godzilla? I ride a bareknuckle right now, what's the difference?


first off i like your bike a lot. and i want this frame and i was wondering how heavy the frame is thanks

I've been wanting to see one

I've been wanting to see one of these built up.

Its true that lights are

Its true that lights are ugly, but- safety first man!!!!

nice frame... the low spoke

nice frame... the low spoke count on the rear doesn't give you torque issues?

it's a mavic ellipse.

The spokes are bladed and it's a standard Track wheel.


i abuse it and it's still super solid.


How about dropping the light, and drop down the stem, for a more straight stem??

Anyways, nice clean bike:)

i was

annihilated by a van from behind last year (which got me a settlement that i used to start a fixed gear shop, Ace Metric) so the light stays on all the time. the planetbike superflash lights are crazy bright. i could have taken it off for the photo but whatev- there's also a knog beetle on the front hub that you can't see in this photo. thomson zero degree stem is on the way. (the stem on there now was actually the only salvagable part of my old bike. check my other bikes, there are photos pre and post collision.

Super super nice! Wow! My

Super super nice! Wow! My only complaint is that bulky ugly light on the seatpost! Haha!

How does this compare to a EAI Bareknuckle, if you ever rode one?


ridden a bareknuckle for any length of time (only messin about on a friend's). all i can say is i'm in love with this frame.

clean as fuck man!

clean as fuck man!

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