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Leader LD-737R

Cinelli Giro d'Italia, Specialized

Leader Carbon Aero fork, Cane Creek IS-8

Black Aerospoke, non-machined

Weinmann Deep V, Red

Origin 8

Selle San Marco Ponza, FSA Carbon seat post

Origin 8

This is my first fixed gear build. I'm sure there is room for improvement. Constructive comments are welcome. Thanks

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When I got into fixed gear bikes I wasn't sure I would enjoy riding one but I was pretty certain I wanted to build one and find out. I chose a Leader frame because it was economical. I had no idea about some of the issues that a lot of people bring up about the frames. I don't want to say that my experience with this frame has been all bad. It was a good tool for me to get into this segment of cycling. I'll definitely still ride it and enjoy it. Now that I've read up and experienced some troubles of my own I'm looking for suggestions from you guys about a decent frame that won't break the bank. I've heard good things about Pake and IRO. What do you all think?


sell/trade that aerospoke for a hed 3 and then get a white or black veep in the rear.

would look shweeet

I'm no math major, but

I'm no math major, but wouldn't I have to sell two aerospokes for the hed3? This is a budget build.

What's hub is the weinnman

What's hub is the weinnman rim hooked up to?

First thing's first - replace that rim! I hated it; there's a reason for paying the extra $$ for the Velocity Deep-V.

ok, I'll bite...what's the

ok, I'll bite...what's the reason?

nice bike

im thinking about getting this frame. any reason why you chose this leader frame over the the 720, 721, 725, or 735?

Thanks, Actually I'm

Actually I'm relatively new to bike building, but a friend of mine had this frame and I really liked it when I tried it out. It's a TT frame and looking back I should probably have built up a track frame. There are different drop outs and the rear axle is 130 instead of 120 so it's not as "slender" as some track frames. Also I was able to get it for a good price and I like the looks.


The leader 737r is actually a road frame. it has track like geometry but with the rear angled slightly upwards and the 130mm spacing and extra hanger for the deraileur, it creates a road bike compared to the other track leader frames which usually consist of 120mm spacing and a flush track geometry. it IS an aluminum frame and isnt built like a steel frame obviously so it'll be lighter but not nearly as strong as a steel. I love the frame overall though...i have one myself. still being built as we speak


dunno what YOUR reason was for choosing the 737r over the other models, but mine is mainly because it is so similar to track frames that it should ride pretty similar. also, in the future i plan on building a road bike and this is a perfect frame to do so without tossing it.. hence 2 in 1 for future use. of course i'll be buying a new track frame though once i change the 737r into its true road bike form


switch the tires around!

switch the tires around!

No =0)

No =0)

That's actually a color

That's actually a color scheme I used to have. Decent components, but you'll have plenty of time to upgrade.


Time is on my side....

Hey thanks for the comment. I will add to the bike over time but budget was a concern...heck getting better parts is half the fun, right?

Looks Good,

the build looks nice, but personally I think the red is kinda out of place here, but its yours, and it looks good!!

I'm sure this is the first

I'm sure this is the first iteration. Eventually I'll change something if I get bored.

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