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80's schwinn time trial- 24" front wheel- tange prestige tubing

fast as hell + very low in front + extreme head tube angle + twitchy steering = death machine ---sorry changed the color- the neon pink was hurting my eyes and hurting my self esteem everytime someone yelled something gay related as i rode around- same pink underneath though- homemade paint job

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Did you sell this bike?

Did you sell this bike?

haha i feel ya

i hate color stereotyping like pink and purple is for girls lol anyways i like what you did with the paint. toned it down but at the same time it still looks flashy

my back hurts looking at

My back hurts looking at this bike I love it



ahahah.. awesome

ahahah.. awesome

added you to my "themed bikes cluster"


Would you PLEASE PLEASE post

Would you PLEASE PLEASE post a photo of someone riding this bike. That would make my day! Good fun!



i love

this bike

Is your neighbor a

Is your neighbor a chiropractor?


I think you could use one or two more pursuit/TT bikes.
You're a lucky man!


running a bike shop in south CA - dealing with lots of cool bikes coming in and out- its hard to resist when you love bikes- although i do buy/ sell much more than i keep- i love doing what i like and paying the bills at the same time

This bike can't be

This bike can't be comfortable. But props if you can deal with it haha.


I just saw all your bikes, nvmd lolz

Sorry to hate

But i have to hate, i hope you have something else to ride and this is just for fun. So HYPEBEAST. im trying to picture a human body comfortably sitting and holding the handle bars without flipping over the front. I will say that it looks fuckin crazy, and since that is what you were going for, congrats. Barspinzz?

this is...



I love you TT bike the 24" front is crazy my TT bike only has a 650 front and it feels crazy haha

Watch out

Last time I saw a converted TT painted hot pink posted on velospace, all the haters threw a hissyfit.

Amazing bike in my opinion, however.

Talking about this baby?

Talking about this baby?



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