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FTP//For Track Purposes

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2008 Fuji Track Pro

Easton EC90 Ergo Track//Easton EA90

Fuji FC-770 Carbon//VP Integrated

Mavic Ellipse//Continental Supersonic

Mavic Ellipse//Continental GP4000

Dura Ace Track 7710

Fizik Arione Wing Flex//USE Aero Carbon Time Trial

Dura Ace 7810 SPD SL//Izumi Super Toughness

Euro Asia//50x15

complete bike (minus pedals) FOR SALE!!!
asking 1500 OBO
message me for more details


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Encino Velodrome?!
dude, i live like 5 minutes from there
i ride there all the time with some buddies for swapmeets

tight...i haven't been in a

tight...i haven't been in a while b/c of work but i'll be back in full force in a few weeks. which bike do you ride out there?

Clean Machine

Fucking Raddness!! That bike is FAST. I know. I've seen you on the track.

hey zipp 950 + track pro

hey zipp 950 + track pro buddy :)

are you

just using a locking skewer? i picked up the same disc and i would like to put a nutted axle on it, but if the locking skewer works just fine, i wouldn't mind it. i was also thinking about using chian tensioners for extra security with the locking skewer.

just using the stock skewer

just using the stock skewer that came with the disc. it locks with a simple #5 allen wrench


i'm guessing you got it for someone who was using it at the track already. mine came with a fw and a regular skewer.

yup...previous owner set

yup...previous owner set them up for the track so i lucked out. i'm pretty sure you can contact zipp to inquire about a track hub/skewer conversion

don't adjust the tension 100

don't adjust the tension 100 percent on those DA pedals or your knees will develop pain from unclipping. 75 percent should be good enough for track. i'm trying to modify mine to add toe straps.

it all came together

it all came together perfect. how much u get the ec90's for? did u get them from the same place i did?

right on bro. picked up the

right on bro. picked up the bar for 160 brand new from a bay area seller on ebay. good deal right? i hope so...

better than my deal

better than my deal, i paid 9 bucks more. what width did you get?


40; a bit narrow on top but perfect when i'm in the drops


for some reason i was under the impression that 7710 is octalink and 7600 is square taper

am i wrong in thinking this?
because it seems to work for you

no you're right...i simply

no you're right...i simply labeled it wrong the first time. both the crank and bottom bracket are 7710 octalink

nice, that's what i just put

nice, that's what i just put on my new build

buttery smooth, too

I was about to get a set of

I was about to get a set of 7600s but I decided to go with omniums. super smooth and stiff. I like them a lot.

simply amazing

definitely looks like there was a lot of thought put into building it. Enjoy it

yeah...i took my time and

thanks for the comment i took my time and handpicked each part. i'm really happy with how she turned out.

This bike warms my heart

This bike warms my heart because it's actually a track bike. Real pretty, too.

thanks...i'ma do my best to

yup...aluminum frame and disc wheel really have no business on the street. it is tempting to go out & blow doors on folks though!

DEFINITELY agree with you on

DEFINITELY agree with you on the disc, but I really have no problem frame-wise riding on the street, I really barely notice a difference in stiffness/discomfort from my old steel bike.

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