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italian mystery track bike columbus

Bike tags: Track bike | columbus tubes and drop outs and tips | in grind we crust | italian mystery track bike
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early 80's italian

nitto/risers or cinelli drops

columbus/campy record

wolber alpine champion , phil wood,veloflex pave

wolber alpine champion , phil wood ,veloflex pave

sugino mighty competion ,philwood italian thread

san marco concor sprinter ,campy

campy pedals,izumi,toshi doubles

surly18t,phil lockring, 50-18

changed my mind i could never sell you bike

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Those dark Wolbers look

Those dark Wolbers look awesome against the yellow. Very very cool bike.

nice job.

i love this saddle. Very unique and never saw it before.

waht size is this frame? Around 58-60?
But still supershort on the tobtube. great!
I would like to see the dropouts in a closeup!

nice job and please. never!! do a repaint on this.
it's perfekt the way it is!

its a 58 , it feels like the

its a 58 , it feels like the whole bike is right underneath of you and like your going to fall over the front of the front wheel when you stand up and sprint, it still has a bit of overlap but o'well. as for repainting this i would probly wait for a day that i know im not going to be locking it up everyday, plus the paint looks great in person,i will post some dropout pics later today,

i love that peloton you have ,great color and great setup one of the most eyecatching bikes on this site , great paint it makes me wish i had a fresh paintjob again, nice job

nice seat

haha i see you've been getting some nice comments on the seat. enjoy it man. and for the record, the bars are tight.

been lookin for

that saddle for time get rid of the risers its slowing down your seat


they are comfy for street riding i have some drops i can put on for going fast i mostly take it easy on this bike so the bars are serving there purpose and when riden with the seat its the most comfy ride ever

Sick geo.

Sick geo.

hey jellyfish where is your

hey jellyfish where is your bike? i dont see it maybe you just drive your moms car around and they arnt cruiser bars they just sweep back a little and for the seat its comfy , you dont gotta ride but nice try with the bust i appreciate it thanks. and you live in nc im sure you just found out what a track bike is any way farm boy we should hang out some time maybe we could ride horses and play the banjo on your porch . (sorry to everyone else from nc but i had to do it your all cool but jelly fish is a noodle)

hey guy,

i'm sorry if i offended you. i was merely poking fun and dare i say referencing bike snob. as for the porch and banjo, i wish i had both a banjo and a porch to play it on.

sprinting saddle and

sprinting saddle and cruising bars.
just another sign that the fixed gear apocalypse is nearly here.

A fixie done right, wish it

A fixie done right, wish it were mine!

Thanks’ for sharing.

damn !

would you be down to sell or trade something for that stem and seat
esspecially the saddle

i cant message you !

no i really like both parts

no i really like both parts i will let you know if i change my mind thou. thanks

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