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1973 vintage Murray single speed

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1973 Murray Phoenix 52cm (heavy-ass steel!)

Polished JUN stem, original bars wrapped in Brooks brown leather

26" Micargi 24h to Quando hub with 25mm Primo Racer gray rubber

26" Aerospoke MTBII with 25mm Primo Racer gray rubber

Sugino XD 165mm, Shimano UN54 (American to Euro conversion)

WELL worn ancient Brooks B17, Polished original 13/16" post

MKS Sylvan Lites, MKS clips, Brooks leather straps (not shown), KMC Z chain

Eleven81 16t cog/spacer kit, Sugino 46t (a little spinny with the 26 inchers)

My father purchased this 10spd Murray back in 1973 from a K-Mart department store in Houston. Still wears the Texas Bicycle registration sticker which shows an expiration of January '75. Ridden by a number of family members, then hung from a garage ceiling for 25+ years. Brought back to life, cleaned up and converted to single. Definitely unique! Thanks to Jamie at Island Bikes.

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just needs a chris king

just needs a chris king headset.

reminds me of Pengy... but

reminds me of Pengy... but not in a bad way.



please put a disc wheel on

please put a disc wheel on the front. not hating. i like this.

Haha...yeah, the haters

Haha...yeah, the haters would love that. I've actually been pretty pleased with this Micargi wheel. Thanks Chuck.

this is a work of sheer

this is a work of sheer brilliance! im not quite sure what you where trying to do but you did it well. fuck the velospace haters.

Thanks buddy. The goal was

Thanks buddy. The goal was to make something cool out of an almost 40 year old department store frame :)

Interesting choice putting

Interesting choice putting 26's on there. This is no criticism, just an observation. And yes, Brooks wrap is a nice choice for any bicycle. Good call.

Thanks for the comment. To

Thanks for the comment. To be honest, I came across the Aerospoke 26" for a steal (being a budget build), so I just found a front 26" to match. The wheel/tire combo actually matches quite well I think. Gonna need 160mm arms though... the smaller wheels bring the crank way too low in turns.

Thanks....I think. Dunno

Thanks....I think. Dunno what's so funny though...:) Thanks for the comment.

fuck what ya heard this bike

fuck what ya heard this bike is awesome!

Ha...thanks buddy. Nothing

Ha...thanks buddy. Nothing compared to your Benotto :)

oh my

why would you give this to your girlfriend!!.. it looks like a nightmare! if you had money to ball on an aerospoke, you can get her a mercier kilott or a pake something like that. ha

Ouch... I know its a low-end

Ouch... I know its a low-end frame, but "nightmare" is a little harsh. I prefer "different":) For the record, the baby Aerospoke came off an old police department mountain bike, so I paid peanuts for it. The most expensive thing on the bike is the Brooks leather tape (and worth every penny on ANY bike LOL).

I suppose she could always ride a Kilo or Pake, but then she'd blend in with the hundreds of other college kids in this town. Besides, the bike's been in my family for 36 years...which I think is the coolest thing about it :)

To each their own. But thanks for the constructive criticism.


comeback. i guess yeah if you didnt pay much i guess.. and if the bikes been that long in your family then yeah ! nice.

" Definitely Turns heads "

Oh my gawd... I want a knit bar protector.


that's got to be the longest wheelbase on a roadbike i've ever seen.

Yeah, its a pretty "relaxed"

Yeah, its a pretty "relaxed" frame, as it is. Then when the 26" wheels went on, it really made it look stretched. Comfy though :)


its friggin pengy all over again.

oh man

i lol'd hard

I'm afraid I don't know what

I'm afraid I don't know what you mean. Isn't Pengy a baby Penguin?


If still wondering, here is the PENGY reference, also lampooned via ye olde Bike Snob:

That being said, I applaud you keeping this beast though should have left with stock wheels. You took to bizarre heights with the latest option, though if tongue was planted in cheek, the joke is on those that dont get it.

- kh

Ah...thanks KH. I wasn't

Ah...thanks KH. I wasn't aware of the "Pengy" joke. Still though, I'd like to think this bike has a little more class than the Pengy eyesore. To be fair, I CAN see the resemblance. Just took this thing for a ride yesterday... I honestly still like the way it rides.


really classy and vintage........... well done!!!!!


classy build i like it!

Nice work man, unique.

Nice work man, unique.

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