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Custom IRO Mark V Fixie

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 56cm | aerospoke | Brooks | Deep V | more tags >>
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IRO Mark V -- 56cm

Dimension risers; Dimension stem

IRO Fork, FSA Headset

Aerospoke; Vitorria Rubino tires

Phil Wood hub laced to Deep Velocity black rim; Vitorria Rubino tires

Sugino Crankset; Sugino BB

Brooks B-17


EAI Cog... 17t

I want to get double straps, a Miche Primato seat post, Chris King headset, and a few other things...

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hey.. i think i have the

hey.. i think i have the same risers and can't find any brake levers to fit it.. what brand are you using?


This bike has been sold...


All I can say is great job! This Iro is perfect in all ways possible. I love the black and white. How does the Iro ride? Right now I have an old Bridgestone CB conversion. I'm thinking of getting an Iro soon.

Thank you (:

Thanks, I appreciate it. I've been thinking about selling my IRO lately, if you're interested, contact me. It rides amazingly... It is smooth, swift, and agile. I just wish I had more time to ride it :(

Send me a PM if you're interested, or want more info on the bike.


I PM'd you

nice camera

stupid stem angle with stupid bars to match


Thanks for the commentary, and vague support for your blasphemous statement. The way one has his stem angled on his bike is personal preference, there is no right or wrong. I prefer the geometry of my bike with its current stem angle, and I absolutely love my handlebars. With my current stem/bar setup, I'm not too upright, nor am I leaning towards the ground (as I would be with drop bars). Would you mind elaborating on why you think the stem angle, and the handlebars are stupid?

what camera

daaaaaang what camera is that, the pics are so good, the bike looks like one of those miniature fixed gear toys thing seen on the macaframa productions website.

but it looks real when it i see the zoomed in pics.

its tilt shift

its tilt shift

DLSR quality

It is a Canon 40D.


I'm a sucker for black and white. Nice build.

+ +


I am as well (:
Black and White is classic, yet you never seen the combo on a fixie... always bizarre combos like fluorescent green and brown (not that anything is wrong with those colors), lol.
I might get a Brassknuckle frame soon, or possibly an NJS frame...


I uploaded the pictures of my bike, but I see other peoples pictures here instead of mine... what did I do wrong? Why aren't my 5 pictures showing?

fizile namezz

Change the file names of your images to something unique. Something like "gerglafregsxah.jpg" as apposed to something like "mybike.jpg." That should fix yer problem.


As you were typing that, I figured it out :d
I'm such a novice member. Thanks anyways though (:

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