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Pursuit FOR SALE (local san francisco sale only)

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | njs | purple | pursuit
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80's fillet brazed 55cm

nitto Risers - 3ttt stem

original to frame

campagnolo "sheriff star" c record hub

campagnolo "sheriff star" c record hub

campagnolo record track cranks with shield logo engraved on crank arm. phill wood sealed bottom bracket

kashimax aero seat - campagnolo c record areo seatpost with shield logo engraved

campagnolo track pedals with binda straps

soma cog - 48 18 gear ratio


Is this bike still for sale?! I would like to buy this!

so clean

so clean

if you find something like a group buy

on ebay or CL let me know I'm willing go in on it.





that frame is gorgeous, you

that frame is gorgeous, you should get a new cog...

Thank you, the cog is long

Thank you, the cog is long gone along with the wheel set. I was never to crazy about it either.

It still looks

It still looks beautiful...I'll have to get used to seeing andre riding GT now..

this is rob from modesto
idk if you remember me

how do you know this is a

how do you know this is a guerciott i own a few guerciott's and i dont see any pantographing or any distinguishing marks or lugs on this frame any way its a really cool bike you should put up some more pics.

I agree. It's a very

I agree. It's a very nice-looking bike that the OP should be rightfully proud of. I just don't think it's a Guerciotti based on the photo. The Guerciotti fork is probably not original to the frame.

That bike doesn't really

That bike doesn't really look that uncomfortable. With the taller stem and riser bars the drop from the seat to the bars isn't that far. I've seen far more extreme drops on a frames with conventional track geometry.


i love the subtle colors on this bike.

Don't you ever ride by me on this bike, I'll tackle you and steal it :3

Really nice looking ride.


very very cool

Nice looking bicycle, but

Nice looking bicycle, but this has to be the most uncomfortable ride in NorCal. Or, at least on your own half block in SF. But hey, fashion over function all the way! No bar tape, a notoriously painful Kashimax "saddle", oh, and the geometry of the frame. I bet you put in miles and miles a day on this.

well the guy had a

well the guy had a point......... >:P

you are

gone =]




Shawn this is my account, hopefully you remember to check your comments. since you're selling all that jap stuff, how much for your 75's? the ones I have now I can feel them bend :|

do you have more pics and

do you have more pics and what year it might be and is it pantographed at all?

Rad Sauce.

Rad Sauce.

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