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SE Lager Powdercoated Neon Pink

Generic Risers [rattlecanned]

Tange fork powdercoated pink, Gold Chris King

Aerospoke painted white and splattered pink with pink gran compe tire

gold velocity deep v with white vittoria randonneur

Gold pake crankset, shimano bottom bracket

Limited Edition White Sparkle Soma Ensho Saddle, and Kalloy seatpost painted gold

Gold Cl!ck Wellgo Track pedals, and KMC white chain

Surly 15T

My third fixed gear and I love her so. This was supposed to be my beater bike.. and it still kinda is... kinda : P

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nice bikes...

i like the timeline you've established w/ your three rides... a bit of evolution in u and your [bike] setup/build. u deserve a better bike. particularly a frame suited for 650s. sub 50cm frames start becomin' cumbersome w/ the 700cs'... it's hard to scale down a frame w/o scaling down the wheelsize... y'kno... i know landshark made some sick 650 track bikes. even a generic fuji track on 650s would suffice... treat urself!

perfect example:

awesome build

im new to velospace but all of your builds have already caught my attention. im working on my first "higher" quality build and hope it turns out as coordinated and cool as a manlier way! haha!


Just wondering, how does the paint on your risers/seat post hold up? I've kind of been afraid to hit the aluminum parts with paint myself.

straight, gay, girl, or guy...

this bike is HOT. I'm sure plenty of heads turn when you ride this down the street. Keep up the cool builds, and let the haters hate all they want.



you betcha


why thank you


by far my favorite girl bike

by far my favorite girl bike i have ever seen!


because you are gay!

:] thanxxx much! xoxo jenn

:] thanxxx much!


pink bikes

this bike is adorable. the gold makes me want to be in a roller rink. From The Savintor

thanks buddy! roller rink

thanks buddy! roller rink sounds like fun!

i miss the

916 super bad.....moved to vegas 5months ago...your bike alone...makes me wanta come home even more hahaha love the hot pink!

haha thank you!

you should come back and visit. i do group rides every friday with the sac fixed gear group. you're welcome to come. : )

I should be

back in a month or so, i got some buddies who ride out in midtown, ill definitly keep any eyeout for one of your bikes!!

Yay Jenn!! Sweet bike girl!

Yay Jenn!! Sweet bike girl! JP is jealous!!!

Sheldon Brown inspired my bike interest.
RIP 1944-2008

haha thank you brad! you

haha thank you brad! you gotta get JP a job so he can support his unhealthy bike habits like me. : )


Jenn, your bikes are dope. My girl saw your hello kitty and now she wants mad carbon parts...

thanks haha.

I got her Scattante as well... in the process of doing it up..
Your new build looks nice.. keep it up.

thank you so much

i really appreciate it! and I also look forward to seeing how your girlfriend's build turns out.

Third fixed gear. Hmm, I

Third fixed gear. Hmm, I have my fingers crossed that they aren't all this garish. With powder coating + some of the high-end parts, this might be the most expensive clown bike on the site. Why not just have one nice bike? Beater bike..b.s. You have a CK headset and a silly aerospoke. Stop being ridiculous and saying it was meant to be a beater. And, why not get a frame that fits you properly? You have nearly zero seatpost showing, meaning its too big for you. Hey, is that a Velocity rim in the back? Sweet looking balustrade though!

I for one think its cute. I

I for one think its cute. I was browsing the site for ideas to build my girlfriends bike, and I keep seeing this dude's cheesy comments. Although I couldn't pull something like this off, I LOVE looking at bikes like this... AYHSMB, amirite?

thank you!

good luck on your girlfriend's bike ^_^

It's alright if you don't

It's alright if you don't like my bikes. After all, it is mine and not yours.
But regardless, I put tons of work into my many personalized bikes and whether people disagree or not with their flamboyantness, I don't care. I love my bikes the way they are, functional and fashionable. and try being as small as me and finding a small enough frame where where I can put my seatpost up that high. : /
and about the FEW nice parts that I have on my bike, I was given good prices for them from bike colleagues of mine.

the second post

This is the second rude post I have seen from this guy in ten minutes. Post your bikes up man so these people can talk shit back. This site would be pretty boring if we all posted our plain old frames with open pros to dirty old silver hubs. I am not much for over the top bikes for myself but cudos to those who love theirs enough to put the time into it.

thank you thank you

i know my bike really doesn't strike the right chord with everyone. : /
i very much enjoy your builds!
your giordana frame is beautiful!

mighty fine

im building my girl a whip quite similar

thank you!

^_^ I look forward to seeing your girls' bike on velospace.

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