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Hyda Bike!         Featured Bike! on 03/17/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 20 | bmx | bullhorns | Charles Bronson | more tags >>
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Hyda Bike (circa 1970's italy) Frame style featured in the hit Charles Bronson movie "The Mechanic" :D, Headbadge of Nori

chopped and flipped generic bullhorns w/ black cateye cotton tape, stock stem

stock y stock

white (slightly off-white) 6 spoke plastic 20" BMX wheel with whitewall lowrider tires

white (slightly off-white) 6 spoke plastic 20" BMX wheel with whitewall lowrider tires

stock (cottered) y stock (BB is way messed has a jump/pause in it on part of the rotation, so my crank pops forward)

some Schwinn that Orange 20 gave me, and stock

random rat trap pedals, silver KMC chain from my fuji track with a bit of blue KMC chain for fun! since the silver was too short

44 T stock/13 T soma

the hyda bike is way super rad and I love riding her..currently Brooks is in control of her since I now live in dominica, in the caribbean, and she's way too heavy to bring down here from CA (im guessing 40+ lbs., p.s. THANKS BROOKS! I hope you love her as much as I do...I got the bike when a neighbor moved out and left it in the backyard all covered in vines and filth...I changed out the handlebars, seat, pedals, wheels, tires, and took off the chainguard..everything else is just as I found it...I rode this bike in several midnight ridazz and critical mass rides and can go quite fast...the hills and the lots of peddling tend to catch up on you really quick tho, but hey this bike fits in your trunk, backseat, etc...The headbadge is from a Nori container (sushi seaweed) and the seat tube has the nutrition facts... Viva La Hyda Bike!

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Wait . . .

Charles Bronson had a hit movie called "The Mechanic"?? Clearly I'm missing some classic pop culture here.

Looks fun

High speed, low drag dude...

Just got to love thet look!

I'm about to do the same,

I'm about to do the same, but using an old raleigh sitting on my backyard!!... I just wonder, how did you get a fixed cog to 20" bmx wheels?... conversion kit?
Nicely done anway!

fixed 20" bmx wheels

i ordered the wheels on ebay and the back hub came threaded.. i just threaded a cog on there and rotofixed it.. i dont skid on this bike too much.. its really heavy.. i guess if you jb welded the cog on, or red loctited it, it would be fine to skid on.. but when i had to stop i would either resist to slow down, put my feet down on the ground, or jamaican skid..

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