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Special Wood Grain Aerospokes

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New 2009 Lager with one of a kind "woograin' aerospokes... turns heads all day. Please add me at thanx for looking

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Wood grain bike

I like this bike just the way it is !! I want it , where can I buy it !!

Not really my cup of tea...

But that doesn't really matter.

I like the work with the Aerospokes. Professional looking.
You do good work.

canned meat

spiggity spam! get that fool out of this place!

white chain??

What kind of lube do u use to keep that looking adequate?

it s thuya? inchirieri

it s thuya?
inchirieri masini

from the comments

this bike seems to evoke strong responses which means you accomplished something unique. I'm digging it. The woodgrain is clean and nicely done. brakes/no brakes, fixed/single/gears...who cares? That's all a matter of circumstance and personal preference of the owner. This is a nice looking bike and I'm sure it's a joy to ride. F^ck the haters and keep doing what you do (and making money too).


ugly as sin.



Those spokes look sick!

They probably look ballin' when haulin'

did you make the film

did you make the film yourself or get it done somewhere? and can you put anything on that film?

Bike stuff

Fuck everyone else, if you yourself designed those rims or even came up with the idea to put the film or whatever on them then thats sick. They look great.

i can't believe I'm looking

i can't believe I'm looking at brakes on aerospokes.
and matching checkers.

tell me about it. I got my

tell me about it. I got my fixed hub in. the breaks are off. I need to update the pix

"What ever your Hussel, keep it Premium"

is it me

or do they look more like fire than woodgrain?

Fire... Vs. Woodgrain

It's a burlwood print. The same print that is on the dash of most luxury cars. It's not paint. its a film . " Google" burlwood. I can email you a high res pic if you like...

"What ever your Hussel, keep it Premium"

the least you could have done

is spent the extra 0 cost on the premium brew. the wheels look nice just not on that bike.

both were free

Both were sent to me for free... just showing the goods. I did the wheels

"What ever your Hussel, keep it Premium"

that has got to be one of

that has got to be one of the stupidest bikes ive ever seen. your bike barely costs more than those wheels. what does it weigh? 25 pounds?


i suppose it's almost like phil hubs on a pake?
heavy, expensive hubs on a cheap gas-pipe frame.
the similarity is uncanny!
you represent the end of this website.

you race bikes..

You race bikes... I make money you idiot. I was just showing you my capabiities of making woodgrain wheels you dip shit. thanx for watching. lol

"What ever your Hussel, keep it Premium"


Those wheels look dope, total mind fvck. But...front AND rear brake?

+ +


I know , I know. I have the fixed hub... I'm trying to build my leg strength up. LOL

"What ever your Hussel, keep it Premium"

yeah...really nice. i whould

yeah...really nice.
i whould turn the stem upside down and raise the saddle...looks faster then :-)

this has got to be the

this has got to be the dumbest comment i have ever heard. if the bike fits him, which it looks like it does, there would be no reason to make any changes. why the heck would that make you look faster? idiot.



"What ever your Hussel, keep it Premium"





yessss "What ever your


"What ever your Hussel, keep it Premium"

That's the heat.

That's the heat.

thanx alot bro "What ever

thanx alot bro

"What ever your Hussel, keep it Premium"



that's what i was

that's what i was thinking

"What ever your Hussel, keep it Premium"

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