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Rock Lobster Track         Featured Bike! on 11/4/2009

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Rock Lobster custom track, Reynolds 853, 58x58cm


Rock Lobster custom Columbus steel fork, Chris King HS

Paul/Gaansari hub, Torelli/Ambrosio rim, 32x DT 15 spokes

Paul/Gaansari hub, Torelli/Ambrosio rim, 32x DT 14 Spokes

TA Alize Pista crank w/TA 46T Pista ring, TA Axis BB

Brooks Swift, Ritchey post

Crank Brothers pedals, SRAM PC-7X chain

Soma 18T cog

I love this bike! Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster did an excellent job and gave me exactly what I wanted in the frame/fork. The Paul/Gaansari hubs have been great and I finally found some gold rims to go with them. I got the bar tape to match fairly closely by using amber shellac over yellow bar tape. I made the headbadge with an old skull, an old Campy cassette cog, some glue, and the aforementioned amber shellac.

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that is beautiful!


Very Nice Work

Very Nice Work

the headbadge is pretty

the headbadge is pretty sweet.

Looks like a lot of work

Looks like a lot of work went into this bike, it's real purdy. The amber tape really gives it that "I was built in the early seventies, then left in a garage, untouched" look. I'm gonna add you as my bike friend, because one should always have friends cooler than them!

"Waaait, you want me to ride where? Oh nononono, I choose life."

The Paul hubs and custom

The Paul hubs and custom headbadge really pull the ride together.

Where did you find the rims?


I got the hubs (they are actually Paul) from Gaansari back in '04 and laced them to black Ambrosio rims. After trashing the rear rim courtesy of the dog I endo'd over I couldn't find another black Ambrosio so laced the hubs to Mavic CXP-33's. In late '05 I was at Gaansari's site and noticed they had gold Torelli rims...which are actually Ambrosio. I called Gary Boulanger and he agreed to sell me just the rims since I had bought hubs from him initially as they won't normally sell the rim without wheelset. I did find gold (and red and blue) Torelli rims from another site, but can't recall...just google though and I'm sure you can find them if you want them. Curiously, although I like the Ambrosio/Torelli rims, they were heavier by about 50g each than the deep-ish Mavics they replaced. I understand that Velocity has gold ones as well.

How did the dog fare?

How did the dog fare?

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