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Milwaukee Bicycle Co. Bruiser

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56cm Milwauke Bicycle Co. Bruiser

Truvativ and Syncros

MKE and a Chris King

36h Profile hubs laced 4x to Velocity Chukker

36h Profile fix/fix hubs laced 4x to Velocity Chukker

Profile Race + Tree Lite Splined Sprocket

Turbo + Thomson

Odyssey Twisted Pcs + KMC

42:15 with 38c tires = +/- 76 Gear Inches

Production model. Built up the Large @ 22lbs. More information can be found here:

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great job looks killer

I still want to ride one of

I still want to ride one of these some time soon.

question, sire

and since you are a maverick in the community of fixed gears i expect some flack (considering people are answering your questions for you)but: do you own a BMX? why are you doing BMX tricks on a non-BMX Bike? It looks like it puts undo stress on the bike and i am pretty sure the people who make a nice BMX bike take this into account and beef up their bikes for that purpose. Essentially it seems like over time you will end up spending a lot more money on a "freestyle fixed gear" or whatever.

please just chill and

please just chill and ride...john your bike is siack

To each his own.

To each his own.

any toe overlap with barspins?

any toe overlap with barspins? if no im so jelous i always manage to hit my foot and ruin some cool combo during barspins if im not careful

Yes, there is overlap. I

Yes, there is overlap. I have less than the other frames only because of the massive size of this thing. My toe clips will hit the wheel flipped from 2pm - 5pm. Still, that's a lot better than my BMW.

read the blog

Prolly lays it all down in his blog. The fork isn't cut away, the shadow just makes it appear that way, look closely. No one in their right mind is putting pegs on a 700c bike. And the cranks actually take the brunt of the impact on chainring grinds I believe - but I'm no expert, ask the big man about that one.

Is that fork actually cut

Is that fork actually cut away at the bottom so you can fit pegs on there? Oh Christ. That will be the day, when people start putting pegs on track bikes.

Also, is the chain-guard actually needed? I mean, if your doing sproket grinds and what not it is...but I would not even think the Sugino 75 ring could handle being jumped on.

Assumptions never get anyone

Assumptions never get anyone anywhere. NO I'm not putting pegs on it. YES the chainring guard is necessary and YES I ride 75s because I like their q-factor. It's just about the only thing "track" specific on this fixed gear.

Chainring Grinds:

The Sugino 75 ring has lasted me over a year of this kind of riding.


are nice and sturdy i need to get me a pair

this is so nice. i want it!

this is so nice. i want it!

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