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Ciocc PDM team time trial

Bike tags: Fixed gear | pursuit KAH hed funny
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I'm thinking purple deep v rear, maybe respray the frame solid Pearl. Who's ever heard of Oria for tubing? I haven't found anything online about them.

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looks so good with the original paint!

But would look great in pearl - with Ciocc decals.

Hold out for the new B43 - the new deeper V. They will available in colors soon.

If they say it can't be done it just means they can't do it.

yo chill the fuck out with

yo chill the fuck out with those sexist comments man, if anyone needs a tampon its your deprived for attention bike building skills.


this shit fucking awesome
dont you dare paint that original ciocc paint

chrome seatstays are the greatest

Gem of a Frame!

Build it back with original equipment. It'd be quite a looker!

its sick as fuck as it is.

its sick as fuck as it is. like someone said earlier, sale it and get something better suited for your purposes. it is probably worth more if you leave the original paint. please please please dont paint that frame.

That poor bike

Risers, a fixed gear conversion, some wack seat angle, and an awful stem on what used to be a glorious time trial frame.

That bike had 2 days left until retirement! Poor little babe. :(

Some people just gotta talk

Some people just gotta talk shit.
Liven up a little!

did you spray you cranks?

did you spray you cranks?

I don't think you should

I don't think you should respray it, looks great with the original paint.
I have a track bike made from oria tubing, I think its Italian made but that's all I know about it. I'm told its considered 2nd tier to reynolds and columbus.

Me Personally,

would not respray the frame, the frame looks to be in great condition. With the team colors, that makes it even better for the history of the frame. I have heard of the tubing, but dont know much about it.

Its your frame, if you want to respray, then spray away!!! nice bike!

I would say, if anything,

I would say, if anything, get some track dropouts.
A purple deep v would look sick though!


Please don't respray it. Old TT frames like that are hard enough to find. That frame is beautiful it needs nothing more or less. And you could probably sell it for enough to buy yourself a new bike more suited to your desires.

Not deserving

I can't believe the hack job you've done to this bike. Despicable. If you rattle can this frame, you don't deserve to own it or ride another bike again ever.

Yeah sorry about the risers

Yeah sorry about the risers but the oly 84's that came on it are way too low to ride on. And my mutant is gangster as ferk. I was thinking maybe an uncut threadless 650 to be able to raise the stem to run my time trial bars. The frame color's growing on me, since the anthracite matches my Hed wheel.


Don't replace the fork. Keep everything as original as possible. If you're going to do anything at all, put all the original components back on it and sell it to someone who'd appreciate this piece of workmanship for what it's worth.

Yeah but how often can

Yeah but how often can anyone actually ride an old pursuit frame? At least this bike is being ridden. I don't understand people who hang bikes on the wall and look at them. My Italian frame loves the road and treats me well.

That depends on how much you

That depends on how much you ride to begin with, in most cases. I had a one for a while. I rode it all the time. You have to be able to ride in the drops on a regular road bike before you can really ride one of these frames for any length of time. Generally comes with a lot of saddle time. If your a fixie guy putting in 30 miles a week on a sawed off broom handle for a handlebar you're probably right, how often can you ride a bike like this. ;-)

First off, this is a TT

First off, this is a TT frame. Second, a lot of people like riding older frames... Take this guy for example: He's loving his Pogliaghi.

dude do you need a tampon?

dude do you need a tampon?

Looks like you're not so

Looks like you're not so stupid after all, though you might want to consider putting the frame's geometry on your for sale ad.

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