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Chrome GTB

Bike tags: Fixed gear | GTB
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3TTT / handlebars are from that company with the awful tribal sun looking logo whose name i forget (see comments for brand)


weinman dp-18

same, cause who wants to worry about getting their expensive wheelset stolen.

both sugino 75

Dyno from my bmx / nitto 83

mks gr-9 / i forget what brand the chain is, but the logo is an "M" or "W" in a circle. it's nice and strong


I need a new seat, so that this one can go back on the bike it belongs on. I'm sure that seat will be white.

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ugh - in love with this

ugh - in love with this frame

twin peaks, huh?

what did you think of the last episode? since the show was cancelled and then petitioned to let them finish the season, i thought they would have put a little more effort into tying things up a little. i mean, audrey AND pete die in a fucking bank explosion? wtf? i know they were connected from the whole airport thing where she lost her virginity and then he took her fishing but seriously. plus, i like that the bad Dale made it out of the black lodge but i am not sure i felt satisfied with that whole plot senario. Harry Truman was such a good guy that i can't bear the thought of him and Hawk having to eventually watch Coop die.

i talked to someone recently

i talked to someone recently who worked on a few episodes during the shooting of the first season, and one during the second season, and they said that the attitude on set had completely changed by the end. apparently lynch had checked out and abandoned twin peaks for his next project. though, who could blame him after being forced to reveal who laura palmer's killer was, when it was never the intention to do that. anyways, as a teenager at the time, i was most sad to see audrey die.

that is what i heard

i heard lynch came back for the last episode and a lot of cast and crew were upset by his sudden return. i was always a bit upset about the revealing of laura's killer although i really enjoyed the windom earl story arc. you heard about him for a solid 6 episodes, revealing slowly who he was, and when he arrived i felt it was perfect. they had a complete 3rd season if they just delved more into the dynamic of coop-earl/good-evil.

side note, my bedroom was in the basement and after each episode was bedtime and heading down those stairs to my dark bedroom after watching twin peaks was not something i would like to ever experience again.

haha, I'm thinking those are

haha, I'm thinking those are Soma bars with the ugly-ass logo

that is the it. now i can

that is the it. now i can only wonder which came first, the bad tattoo, or the bad logo.

is this bike

too small for you or do you have a really long torso?

the stem is too long. i got

the stem is too long. i got it cheap, and at some point i need to replace it. it's not uncomfortable, but i can tell that a shorter stem would work better for me. as for the bars, they're long, but they look longer in pics for some reason. i like the length for going up steep hills though. is this what you were referring to? i'm 5'8" and a guy at one shop told me to go with the 54cm, then after i bought it, another guy at another shop told me i should have gone with a 52cm.

aww no skiddz?

track bike and no skiddz, its too fun not to.

i dig it...if you're 6'6 its

i dig it...if you're 6'6 its perfect haha

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