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Hutch Pro Racer, 1985-86

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Hutch Pro Racer, from around 1985/1986. USA made, from the tail end of domestic production.

Hutch handlebars, Tuf-Neck stem, A'ME traingle print grips. Dia-Compe MX-1000 brake and lever.

Original Hutch fork, Tange Motocross Headset.

Black High Flange Suzue BMX laced 3X to Araya 7x rim, Gumwall White Comp 3 tire.

Black Low Flange Suzue BMX laced 3X to Araya 7x rim, Gumwall White Comp 3 tire.

171mm Sugino Mighty Tour, Tioga Spindle and Schwinn BB Cups and Cones. Campy dustcaps. Player.

Cyclepro 'Shot Gun 2' on a Tioga Layback, Tuf-Neck collar.

Shimano MX-15 Alloy BMX Pedals, Chrome HKK 1/8" Track Chain.

44 tooth alloy Tuf-Neck up front, Shimano 3.3.3. 16 tooth in back.

This bike makes me smile, I have wanted it since I learned to ride a bike, as it hung shining and twinkling on the wall of a family friend's house. It has more history than any of my other bikes, and I will never sell it. It became mine a short while ago, and is as I received it other than the tires (the tioga comp 2's that came with it were shot), as all I did was clean it up and re-grease and adjust the bearings. It is amazingly light (20 lbs), and truly a fast machine, the pinnacle of looptail BMX race bikes.

One of my friends who is more talented than I am made a sweet video for this bike! If you care to watch it, here is the link:

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Love those white gums.

Icurious as to what type of

Icurious as to what type of riding these bikes are made for, i hear they are bmx race bikes/bmx cruisers? are they more for tricks? bmx style racing? jumps? or just cruising around?

some of these pop up on the local CL for cheap and i've always thought about picking one up..

American Made Hutch

bikes are totally sought after. I doubt you'd find one on Craigslist. They are one of the best vintage bmx bikes. Pro Racers for racing, Trickstars for flatland/freestyle tricks, and other versions of these were made in the good ol' U.S.A. until Hutch began to have money troubles sometime in the 80s. Their production first moved to Japan then Taiwan. These latter ones aren't worth as much. I've been riding a modern aluminum bmx racer. It's a DK Octane. Recently picked up a '87 Hutch Exel that I'm going to build up.

hutch's pop up on your CL????!?!?!?

If a hutch anything pops up on your craigslist for cheap I would buy one. Just a BMX, depends on the bike, check BMXMuseum for whether a particular bike is cool or not.

This bike is a race bike, circa 1985ish, modern BMX race stuff has different geometry, and is lighter and stronger. BMX bikes make great short trip round town bombers, and are a good way to practice throwing a bike around and bike handling skills in general, most european pro cyclists started racing BMX at a young age.

Watch the movie RAD!

Watch the movie RAD!

ah, no, hutches don't pop up

ah, no, hutches don't pop up on my cl, i meant bmx cruiser/ bmx race bikes do.

That is one

of the best bikes on Velospace.

I ride it.

I rode it yesterday.

Bikes were meant to be ridden, not looked at, though I ride most of my very old bikes gingerly and less often than my newer ones.

sweet old school rig!

great to see all the OG components on it. I'd get some black comp IIIs or IVs on there though…

just trying to keep the flavor of how I received it...

It had gumwall white comp 2's on it when I got it, and you can't see in the pics really but it has white brake pads, so I was just trying to freshen it up without spending an arm and a leg, I got the NOS white comp 3's you see for five bucks each, so I figured what the hell? For the street I am thinking about some new black comp pools cause they're fast, sticky and come in 1.75....but that is for another day. now I just kind of stare at it in my living room and pinch myself now and again.

makes me smile too.

makes me smile too. + 44/16 is hella fast!

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