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Inverted BMX Tall Bike         Featured Bike! on 12/2/2009

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2 Kid's BMX frames from local goodwill store


stock BMX



Flipped crankset to reposition it on the right side after inverting the frame



This is actually my friend's bike. Here's his notes on it:
Here is a inverted high bike I built for the Grandkids a little ahead of time but I was bored and needed something to do. I bought a couple of BMX bikes at the DI for 13 bucks total and put a new chain and paint after the welding I was in to it a total of 23 dollars. My neighbor behind me has an 8 year old boy who I have fixed his bike & flat tires a couple of times. Every time I fixed his bike I told him he should be wearing a helmet and he told me he would ,but never did.
When he saw this bike he went wild! I told him he could ride it anytime he wanted as long as he had his parents permission and had to show up with his helmet and wear it any time I seen him. It worked now all his friends run around behind him watching him ride this bike and he could care less about being cool without a helmet.

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red and simplest tall bike.i like it..
please visit my tall bike community at my city and my tall bike

nice story, haha but I dunno

nice story, haha but I dunno if I would trust that stem-like thing over a pothole



True. But I guess there's one way to find out. I'm building one for my son so I'll post here if/when the metal fatigues anywhere.


A bad weld came loose on me while I was riding. Riding without handlebars is HARD on a tall bike. :) So if you're gonna build one of these do it right! Gotta get back out to the garage and weld this thing back together. :)

*Edit* - handlebars are welded back on. No problems now for about 9 months! Very fun bike and an easy project to do if you have access to a welder. :)

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