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Condor TT         Featured Bike! on 11/19/2009

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Shorter repainted by team Condor, approx 56cm.

Nitto jaguar stem (100mm, without the NJS stamp), noname riser chopped to 34cm! Champ grips (1mm)

Campagnolo c-record

Campagnolo Bora 26" 16H, Campagnolo record hub, radial lacing with bladed spokes

Dodici 32h (40mm), Milwaukee hub, 2cross lacing with DT spokes (the sticker is just for the look)

Miche Primato Pista crankset with Campagnolo c-record BB

Dolphin saddle, Forginal (spanish) aero seatpost

MKS sylvan track, Christophe clips, Tommasini laminated straps, Sram PC7X chain

50x17 (Miche Primato track and Milwaukee)


Condor Cycles (London) used to make that paint scheme. And some of the frames I've seen of this kind, would have the boss for the shifter (one!!) not on the side but on the top area of the down tube, thus having the cable internally routed.
I may have somewhere the pictures of one that used "waved" spokes to reduce the drag, so it was believed those years.
And I'm sure it was not meant to have riser bars, and ridden fixed while having vertical dropouts... proper track frames were not low-pro in those years

What happened

To the gears. Would look great built up as intended.
Super frame.

KIndest regards


Rear: Vittoria Rubino


Rear: Vittoria Rubino clincher
Front: Vittoria Juniores + valve extension



Damn those vertical

Damn those vertical dropouts.


nice build! -damn i hate those vertical dropout- why do they have to put those on the nice frames. try a half chain link and +/- a tooth on the gearing- love them tt's

totally tits

that paint job is tits baby


beautiful. nice job.

God Damn, that's a cool

God Damn, that's a cool looking bike!

Ooh the colours

Shorter's shrooming.


You jerks and your TT/Pursuit frames!!!! I WANT ONE!!!
Buttery though, I love the frame, just tighten that chain up a little, it looks scary, especially for such fast gearing.
P.S. How's that Dodici rim? I might get a white one....


Hehe. TT is the only thing we know of in Sweden ;)
Thanks! The chain is a mess if you have vertical drop outs... It won't just slip off the chainring unless you want it to and use your hands. The rim is heavy, +700 grams. My wheel bulider said that it was a hell to get the wheel o run true. I guess it's a crap rim if you compare it to Campagnolo Shamal or Mavic CXP 33...

those doddici rims ...

are just gipiemme rims repainted by him they are not crap rims i think they are called technos 416 or used to be i think they are called 716 now. good rim none the less

My wheel builder...

said that they where really hard to get true. He might have had a bad day but it took him over a week to finish my pair of dodicis...
My rims are from the first batch...


My original plan was to go with a CXP33. I guess I'll stick to my original seems that you can't go wrong with Mavic rims, I guess I'll find out soon!

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