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2009 Fuji Track Pro ftp (custom paint)         Featured Bike! on 08/23/2010

Bike tags: Track bike | FTP fuji track pro cane creek sprint 85 lulz
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Fuji Track Pro 2009

deda bars and stem

stock ftp fork cane creek integrated headset

cane creek sprint 85

cane creek sprint 85

fsa carbon pro track cranks + 113mm fsa bb

san marco ti rail

look keo izumi v

15t superstar / 13t superstar warmup 88ich/sprint 94inch



how is

that wheelset?


You better not take that thing out on the street, i'd follow your ass around and wait, lol. Just kidding, that bike is soooooooo nice, i've never seen those wheels before, I bet they cost a fortune!!

i think this could possibly

i think this could possibly be my new favorite bike on velospace.
only thing i would change is swap out the saddle for something without the studs/rivets, as the rest of the bike has kind of a newer feel.
other than that, beautiful!



Hola !

Hola, A shadow in the highway, goood cyclo, fantastic color, bealive it or not, "Sweet dreams in the Road", ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz... Bay Friend.


sooooo dopeeeeeee

thanks guys.

thanks guys.

Nice wheels

Damn that's gotta be fast. Consider posting to the newest and best fixed gear gallery -




If she never touches the street, then what's the point?

What's the point of a street

What's the point of a street bike that spends most of its time in track stands?



real track bike duh

real track bike duh



effin sweet

is that a machine grey powdercoat

no its car paint. super

no its car paint. super stealth


you can call it Kit and it'll call you David Hasslehoff and you'll fight track crime together in a classy sort of way.

Im currently in the process

Im currently in the process of installing red led's in the stem along with an a.i. engine so it can talk to me. its expensive but worth it.

Sweet! The new Track Pros

Sweet! The new Track Pros are SOOOO nice! Love the wheels to.

nice color does

nice color does she handle

very stiff and super touchy

very stiff and super touchy steering. but by far the stiffest aluminum frame Ive ever ridden

I love the integrated post

I love the integrated post and the shape of the new FTP frames. I had a 03 and 04 FTP, and they were kinda cookie cutter AL frames, but the new ones look great. I wish I was close enough to the track to have a track only setup.

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