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Raleigh Pro Track 1975

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ti Team Raleigh Proffessional Track 1975

Cinelli #14 steel drops, SR 90mm steel (Cinelli 1A copy)

Tange Levin

36 hole Campy Pista high flange/Campy Victory Crono/ Grommitalia Champion tubulars

36 hole Campy Pista high flange/Campy Victory Crono/ Grommitalia Champion tubulars

Campy Pista loose bearing/Campy Pista cranks, chainring

Brooks B59/Campy seatpost

Campy Pedals /Ale-Inox clips, sturmey archer leather toe straps/Izzumi chain

Campy 15 tooth track cog, 47/15. (I have a 17 tooth surly in the pic cause I was on the street with it)

Every Bolt on this bike is the real deal, right down to the track nuts on the hubs, campy pedal bolts and lockring. Hubs/wheels were NOS and a perfect build. Its like a museum that you can ride. I have a Campy headset that I'm pulling from 71 Raleigh International to put on this frame and I'm waiting for a Cinelli 2A stem to become available.

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any interest in selling?

any interest in selling?

New photos

Hey, nice to see some fresh photos up. Good job! Next stop, that 2A stem at about 120. Can you get the bag loops of that Brooks? You might have to bust out with a Pro....or a Cinelli Unicanitor would look insane. Quite a few ran the Unicanitor, something I noticed when perusing old photos. Regardless, excellent Pro Track...nice chrome on that beast, too! Know you're all fired up.

Yep pretty close.

I was actually thinking a white Selle Turbo. I've seen a few 2A's NOS for a million each so I'm holding out. It'll get there. Thanks.-Sugary_Otis


Looking at your Pro again. Really nice. On the stem, I dont think you're going to see any great deals these days, at least compared to the 1A. In my view, you could just splurge and get a 60 to 70 ducat NOS version and sell your 1A and not feel too terribly behind. It's a take out pizza difference at most (I get tired of waiting to save 10-20 bux). On the saddle, I threw on my white San Marco Regal and my white Concor and it looked a bit off to me. But it's not as bad on the later Team colors as evidenced by your compatriot in the southern hemisphere. Still, although insanely expensive these days, the Cinelli Unicanitor would be sweet and the bull's eye. I'd have one. Of course, cant go wrong with the Pro, the most comfortable seat I've used once broken in. Yeah, I still vote Unicanitor.


Looking GREAT! Know you must be excited to get this beast over the hump and I have to say, it looks excellent and is sure to get many admiring glances from those that recognize, almost but not quite equaling the joy of riding this piece of history. There is something about riding a pure bred bike with period parts that just feels so much more rewarding than some new conglomeration of computer output parts on a popout, hi-tech frame. I love riding my vintage Raleigh Pro Track as much as anything I own, perhaps more because of the purity. Sadly, I finally blew out a rear spoke on the Fiamme Ergals, almost folding up the beast. A few more feet at speed and it would have been all over. going to be a hard rebuild to get that back to A1. I just found two NOS Ergal rims for $$$. Worth it though. Stop back on in with an update on your time with this machine. Well-done.

Thats rough, sorry to hear it.

Its unfortunate, I do worry sometimes that I'll have wheels problems. 36 spokes are great but that doesn't mean it's impossible for a tubular to roll off the rim. I do have other clinchers on some V's that I try to use for the street, but its just not the same. Glad to hear that it was just wheel damage and nothing happened to your frame, that would indeed be a sad day. There aren't enough of these frames around as it is. Thanks for the compliment, I'll admit, it is nice when someone recognizes the work you put into your machine. It's been like sub-zero temperatures up hear, but since it's been done I can't stay off of it. -Sugary_Otis

this is a true beauty....

but if you want to take it to the track, i would strongly suggest, that you get a new wheelset or at least set of rims.
i´m not concerned about perfomance but the construction and therefore the resilience of new rims is better by far.
at least that´s what i´ve heard.

dont know

I think those rims would be perfectly fine for the track construction-wise.


Your right these wheels are really solid, and they are insanely well built and very balanced and light. I can see, however why people might mistakenly think they aren't as strong as other newer wheels just because they don't feel the same as what they're used to. -Sugary_Otis

i love these frames

i love these frames


...I'll take two.


hey dude how much does a raleigh pro track frame in good condition go for?


I've seen them all over the map, price wise, and it depends on the year. I've seen this frame go for 0 on ebay. I din't pay that much, but I got lucky. Honestly though, if I did have that kind of money on hand and I found one for 850, I would have paid it. It is such an amazing frame. -Sugary_Otis

raleigh international

thanks for the price do u know how much a raleigh international sells for

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