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Meet Enigma

Bike tags: Track bike | ImOnCrank | orange | Pogliaghi
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1980's 57cm Pogliaghi Track

38cm Nitto b123's/Nitto Alloy drop

Pogliaghi/Campagnolo HS

Silver LF Phil on 28h orange Velocity Deep-V wrapped in white Rubino20

Silver LF Phil fix/fix on 28h orange Velocity Deep-V wrapped in Conti Gatorskin 23

Galli Pista Cranks with 48t Sugino M-Type ring/Campagnolo BB

Chopped Brooks B17/Koobi Xenon (for track days)/Thomson alloy post

Gold Izumi NJS chain, Crank Bros Candies or MKS Sylvans/MKS cages/Errebi Sprint Double straps

17t EAI/15t D/A cogs, MKS tensioner on the drive side

First track bike, first love, luglining/lettering done by hand. Most of these pictures are pretty old aka the different parts. Re-powdercoated dark gray by last owner. Grips are Oury on tops and 2 sets of champ best grips. Purchased summer '05. Her name is Enigma. Gray ghost? Orange whip? Who the fuck knows?

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very cool set up. bonus points for pirate flag. the grey and orange look great together. walk the plank! enjoy.

Nice work......What's the deal on the striping?

Please tell us what you used to do the stiping round them lugz. Looks like brush work to me, super nice. I'm getting ready do my frame this weekend. If you used some kinda sweet marker that works better, please, do tell.
Your bike made the "Put a Shine On'er" cluster.


hey i really like the lug lining. did you do that with a paint pen or a brush? I tried to do it for my schwinn but i couldn't get it with a brush. your bike looks very nice.

"do the oury's match the vees"

"do my heels match my bag?"

it's hard to see from the

it's hard to see from the picture... how well do the orange oury grips match the deep vs?

paint job

is sick. This is awesome. What kind of paint did you use for the luglining?

yaaar! sweet bike bucko.

yaaar! sweet bike bucko.

wow, how could i not have

wow, how could i not have noticed the lugs sooner? classy as shit, jack.


This bike is gorgeous. I think this is one of the best color combos I've seen so far. Nice Work.

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