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2008 brooklyn machine works gangsta track 50cm

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50cm brooklyn machine works gangsta track safety orange

Azonic Revenge Double Wall Bar 2.5" Silver + Azonic Shorty Deluxe Stem 50mm 10 Deg Black 1.1/8"

brooklyn machine works 2008 + bmw integrated headset

Goldtec 48h + Rigida 48h or HED-3 glow in the dark powder coat + armadillo

Goldtec 48h fixed/fixed + Rigida 48h or H plus Son SL42 + Phil Wood 36h high flange fixed/fixed + RiMBo

Sugino SG75 Track Cranks - 144BCD 165mm + campagnolo bottom bracket

selle san marco rolls + BMW seatpost 29.8mm + mpart 31.8mm clamp

Odyssey Twisted PC + 14 bike Co toe clips + MKS double leather toe straps + izumi track chain

Sugino ZEN chainring 144 46T + BLB 17T/ Condor 17T/Phil Wood Stainless Steel 1/8 19T

brooklyn brought over on plane buy my mate joe straight from broolyn factory, Nov 2008

goldtec and rigidas from 14 bike co truman brewery, brick lane, london

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dqm bmx concepts?

this rulz

Looks pretty sweet. I've

Looks pretty sweet. I've seen a few messengers here in Philly riding these.


i sense a lot of jealous haters on this comment board. a bike is like what you wear... its like your taste in skinny jeans, colorful high tops, north face ultra mountain tech, big sunglasses, wtf ever... theres always gunna be haters. who gives a f. do what you like. let this guy enjoy. i think its a rad build.


what is your bottom bracket clearence? maybe its just an illusion in the photos but it looks real low.


probably optical illusion due to my sofa, it's about 10 inches in reality...

ug as fuck

seriously, im sure it rides nice, great component choice, just looks like a goofy bmx bike, i hope you can throw down some super sick tricks likes you was in MASH SF KID

we shall see

i like goofy bmx! =) so far i only ride stairs, somehow i don't think this will survive. do like to go fast and am used to risers, also kinda practical for london but fancy me some bullhorns too...


very ironic
who agrees

poor kid is one endo away

poor kid is one endo away from a rude reality check.

pretty heavy on the back

so not much chance of endos, although i did have gnarly stack last night trying to bunny hop a speed bunmp after a bottle of wine, one scotch and 3 absinth, hurt now... =(


i guess you say this cos you has 7 fixed one wiht a front break? is that how you learnt? thanks for the concern. kid is not a kid.

Now, now, on the defensive.

Now, now, on the defensive. I was merely remarking on the rims being a poor choice for tricks mate. Take it from someone who's been around yea w/ breaks and gears and the lot, well before your first pair of Iggy Pop lip-stick macho Aerospoke-lust dayglow nightmare hard-on.


haven't mentioned tricks. don't like iggy pop. or lipstick. unless on hot chicks. no aerospoke here. frame was only one in stock when my mate was flying. girls like hard ons.

Haha. Alright, cheers.

Haha. Alright, cheers.


wish my parents baught me this for my first build


I'll bet ya do =)

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