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Colnago "Super" Singlespeeder

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Colnago "Super" early 80ies 56/56


Colnago Fork /Tange Headset

Shimano 105

Shimano 105

Campagnolo Pista 165mm Crank

Tioga Saddle, Campy Seatpost

Crank Brothers Pedals, Wippermann Chain


Found that Frame accidently in a secondhand bikeshop. Got it for 80$! It was in a bad shape and looked very rusty. After some cleaning it became a real beauty! Sad that the Decals are gone. I think it is a "Super" Model. Maybe someone knows more about it and the frame material (Columbus SL/SLX?). Frame number is G915 if that Helps.
The Parts i've mounted on it, were lying around in my flat. It is a real component and decade-mix. I had only two days to get all the Parts and to put it togheter. It's good fun to ride, and fast!
wheight is 9.5kg! quite a lot for a single speeder...

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Colnago for sure, in my view

Not sure why there is any confusion on the Colnago aspect here, that is, unless you had a slew of different shots early on. This is undoubtedly a Colnago, probably a Super or a later International. They did make models such as the Sprint and International, this of slightly heavier tubing, which might explain the weight. The Sprint had an even more sad seat stay attachment. A few of the Columbus GT Internationals looked the same as Supers, which might point to weight. If a Super, the weight might be due to wheels. It's after '82-83 based on the forks, spool chainstay bridge, underside BB cable routing, and Colnago on the chainstays. There were a number of blue Colnagos done with the white panel decals, which are above the clear coat and easily damaged, many peeling away like bad paint on an old house. It's common knowledge that these beasts were cranked out to meet the high demand but basically, from what I've seen, they are fairly well-made. They were a far cheaper option compared to the De Rosa of the same time frame. I have an '83 Colnago Super in Saronni red that is a GREAT rider, even if not as compelling an option compared to my other rides. The fact that Colnago has one of the best looking names and logos is a plus and the make brings drool from many. Vintage collectors tend to totally dismiss the later 70s -mid 80s bike boom options. Still, they ride great and are a blast. You can get a complete decal set for that beast for a mere forty-five ducats with shipping, this an option that is very close to original, most not noticing any difference.

- kh

ps- looks like the perfectly fun single-speed to me, too! I like it.

whoa..thanks for your

whoa..thanks for your information. i also really like that frame, but for now i will keep it as it is. I use it as my everyday commuter, especially in winter and rainy weather. Parts are heavy duty pista stuff. (wheels are more than 2kg's) It has to look unspectacular, so i can leave it locked somewhere in the city for a few hours. Many bikes get stolen here :-(
maybe i'll get a decal set, if i'll find another wrecked bike with campy parts on the street, to restore this bike. ;-)


Abgesehen von den fehlenden Schriftzügen und der anderen Farbe sind unsere beiden Colnagos auf den ersten Blick recht ähnlich... Doch meines besitzt keine Rahmennummer und eine andere Gabel mit einer abgeflachten Brücke und einem älteren Schriftzug. Aus der Zeit aus der meines stammt (79?), aber eigentlich generell damals, waren die "Super" nicht blau sondern rot, soviel ich weiss. Ich vermute, dass deines also aus mitte 80'er stammt, ob es wirklich ein Colnago "Super" ist, weiss ich nicht. Meines gehörte übrigens einem Holländischen Profi... Daher war meines etwas teurer, aber ich weiss dafür was ich habe =)

thats not a

thats not a colnago.

Are you sure it's a Colnago?

I don't see any pantographing on the fork. It could have just been made with Colnago lugs.

there is the colnago panto

there is the colnago panto on the fork, its the original one.
also the frame is pantographed with the typical colnago spade.
maybe i can add some bigger pictures.


I just figured "Hmm, at a bike shop, sounds fishy," because a bike like that wouldn't be there for five minutes at any shop I know of, before a mechanic swooped it up. Great deal you got there.

yeah...that was good luck.

yeah...that was good luck. at the right time at the right place :-)

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